According to fitness experts, an excellent physical fitness program should combine aerobic exercises and strength training. Aerobic exercise is any cardiovascular conditioning activity that includes swimming, running, cycling, or brisk walking. Strength training involves building muscle mass and bone density and can also make ligaments and tendons more robust and sturdy. It is often associated with lifting weights and incorporates training techniques such as isometrics, plyometrics, and callisthenics. Further, various Strength equipment is available in the market that helps you achieve your fitness goals faster. 

5 Common Strength Equipment for Every Fitness Enthusiast

When you are into training your body, it is crucial to keep challenging yourself and not be satisfied with your body’s current stamina and capacity. Strength training equipment is designed to help you achieve that. The metabolic rate determines how much energy your body expends throughout the day. Using strength training equipment improves your metabolic rate, making you burn more calories even during rest times, which is why regular use of these types of equipment can be very beneficial. 

Strength training can be done at home also; all you need to do is purchase specific equipment which will make your workouts more effective. To help you find the right kind of equipment for your strength training needs, here is a comprehensive list of equipment for strength training. Continue reading!


Barbells are lifters’ best friends. They feature weights on two ends of an iron bar around 4-7 feet long. If you are into heavy-duty weight training, barbells are the perfect equipment. These can accommodate different weights and even allow you to control the weight. They come with removable plates allowing you to adjust the weight and the bar length according to your body needs.


If you are new to muscle building and strength training, dumbbells are a great place to start with. Dumbbells are the staple in most gym weight rooms. These are a compact version of barbells and the most popular form of strength training equipment that you will find with every fitness freak. Dumbbells are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials these days. Depending on your endurance, you can get a set of dumbbells, ranging from very light to very heavy. 

Resistance Band

If you have a small space and don’t have enough room to accommodate a pair of dumbbells, resistance bands are a perfect alternative for strength training. For at-home low-impact strength-building exercises, these bands are a great choice. Don’t underestimate these bands for their small size; the resistance bands are excellent strength training equipment that can help tighten and tone your small and large muscle groups. You can use them for tricep presses, squats, lateral leg raises, glute bridges, etc. 

Fitness Ball or Stability Ball

A stability ball, commonly referred to as a fitness ball, is another best-in-class piece of equipment for anyone looking to strengthen and tone their muscles. These balls are made of dense walls capable of holding up to 200 pounds. They are available in five sizes- 85cm, 75cm, 65cm, 55cm, and 45cm so that you can choose according to your weight and height. They also come with a pump to re-inflate (if needed) and a starter guide.


A treadmill is amazing gym equipment for low-impact cardio and strength training. It is widely used by fitness enthusiasts, lifters, marathon trainers, and triathletes alike for cardio conditioning and strength training. The treadmill will be the best companion for your workout regime if you can afford it and have sufficient space. You need to look for a treadmill that features varying inclines and speeds and a display monitor for heart rate monitoring.

These are the five most common Strength equipment you can buy for your home gym. If you are thinking of buying any of this equipment, make sure you read the customer reviews and check the warranties before purchasing. This is important because even high-quality gym equipment can break.

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