Frequently Asked Questions about Total Home Protection Plans

Frequently Asked Questions about Total Home Protection Plans

What is the total home protection plan?

The total home protection plan aka THP provides a warranty that can protect you and your family from any unforeseen dangers. THP plans are widely used by Americans to reduce their home appliance repair bills. The logic behind this is that getting a protection plan for all the home appliances is cheaper than going out to buy a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Total Home Protection Plans

The breaking of appliances and various other systems in the house is part and parcel of life. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. The best way to keep your home budget in check is getting a total home protection plan for your house.

These services are especially helpful and handy for people who don’t have the time to pamper all their goods. THP is also the perfect solution for people who don’t want to ransack the internet to find budgeted and quality repair services for their needs. If you have been there, you’d know how impossibly difficult it is to find a trustworthy and good repairman to take care of your appliances.

What are the benefits of getting home protection plans?

The benefits of getting a full-fledged warranty for your home are many. Just as how all other warranties work, your home warranty is also supposed to protect your precious house against expensive repairs.

Such home warranties are especially important for individuals who have limited knowledge about how to take care of their appliances. In fact, a home warranty can be especially helpful for people who have used all their savings to buy themselves a roof. So to avoid any major costs, homeowners can shell out a small amount, in the form of monthly installments, to keep their home well maintained.

Why is it important to get a total home protection plan?

THP and other warranties are as important as getting your health insurance. This is because these plans cover appliances that are important for daily living. Now, if any of these situations were to stop working, your life would definitely come to a standstill. Imagine waking up one morning just to find that your expensive coffee machine needs a repair because you splashed some water on it.

As mentioned earlier, these plans are especially handy when you don’t have the time to check the whole internet for a good repair person. With these plans, you won’t have to take the pain of reading half a dozen reviews online to find the most suitable repairman for your coffee machine, who also fits your budget.

If you find yourself to be in a similar situation, you can get these plans to avoid any unnecessary worrying about the cost or the quality of service you’d get.

Some people think these plans to be a waste of money. That’s not true. Even if you are a seasoned do it yourself kind of a person, you can benefit from these THP plans. These plans give you that extra layer of protection for some of the most complex items you have hoisted in your house. These plans can cover appliances including furnace, oven, AC, electrical system, and so much more. If you do not have proper training in handling these kinds of appliances, then trying to fix them yourself can do more bad than good in your situation. Hence, it is best to get a home protection plan for your entire home.

In fact, there are times when home protection plans are often added as incentives every time people find themselves looking to buy a house.

How much do these plans cost?

The cost of every home protection plan greatly varies from one provider to another. Always weigh the cost of the plan against the cost of expected appliance repairs. As per research, homeowners can shell about 1 to 2 percent of the purchase price of their house on THP plans.

If you are out looking for THP plans, do your homework well. Weigh all the pros and cons of the plans and only then invest in it.

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