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Top 7 iOS MOBA Games of 2023

Top 7 iOS MOBA Games of 2020

Passionate gamers have left no gaming genre undiscovered. The first-ever Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game was Aeon of Strife. However, over time this gaming concept was adopted by the creators of Dota 2 and in due time League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm were launched. 

Now the MOBA genre has been brought to the iOS platform, and has taken no time to acquire global attention in the gaming realm. Still best ios MOBA games are somewhat unknown simply because mobile games are yet to evolve further. 

Here we have compiled the top 7 trending iOS MOBA games to fulfil your gaming hunger but before you choose one, keep in mind one indisputable prerequisite – a strong and reliable internet connection. 

MOBA games function in real-time where you have to collaborate and fight against other individuals. If you are a victim of fluctuating internet connection, you must look for reliable internet service providers and acquire the one that guarantees no lag or ping spikes while gaming. 

Here are the MOBA games on iOS that are definitely worth a try:

  1. Heroes Evolved

A free co-op MOBA game for iOS, Heroes Evolved follows game mechanisms comparable to the ever-popular League of Legends. After a careful selection from the pool of 50 heroes, the player is brought to the battle arena. Since it’s a common strategy most MOBA games follow, it won’t take you long to understand the gameplay.  

As for the graphics, the hero designs are a lot similar to the League of Legends. You might even find heroes with designs identical to your favorite Jungler Vi or mid-laner Annie – The Dark Child, the only difference is that Heroes Evolved is accessible on your iPhone but League of Legends isn’t. 

  1. Vainglory

With over 50k ratings on the Apple App Store, Vainglory has earned a noticeable place in the world of mobile MOBAs. The game itself is free but offers in-app purchases to unlock new characters, items, performances and bonuses as well as to claim upcoming skins. Your gameplay isn’t limited to a single mode either. Vainglory offers multiple modes where you can choose to battle with bots or live players in real-time.

The game currently supports 14 different languages so if language barriers were making you hesitant to give Vainglory a try, don’t hesitate any further. Join the official Vainglory community on Discord and battle away. 

  1. Planet of Heroes

Planet of Heroes, a free-to-play-game, offers a unique art style most MOBA games differ from. The gameplay focuses on 5v5, whether it’s Player Vs Player or you choose to play with Bots instead. Each mode contains different missions, which you have to complete with your teammates, so you can collect bonuses and win the final battle. 

With zero location limitations, you can add players from around the world and proceed to hunt down your opponents. The practice tool game mode is usually available in desktop MOBAs such as Dota 2 and League of Legends but if you’re facing connection issues, you can select the practice tool to play offline. 

  1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Ranking on the 55th position in Strategy games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang cannot be left out. The game follows the traditional MOBA gameplay of 5v5 battles against Bots or human opponents. Simply add players to your team, search for available games, and battle for 10 minutes to unlock new characters’ skins, items and boosts.

Mobile Legends only depends on teamwork and proper execution of strategy. The game follows a balanced gameplay style, which judges the match fairly, solely depending on the skill level and decision making ability of each player. 

  1. Arena of Valor

If you are an avid MOBA fan only then Arena of Valor will befit your gameing interests. Entirely based on skill and intuition, the multiplayer 5v5 game doesn’t resort to automatic battling instead you have to strategize with your team to carry yourself toward victory. 

Drawing first blood, knocking down the enemy Nexus and choosing from a variety of character abilities makes the gameplay highly identical to the existing PC MOBA games. Yet it has its own unique flair which helped it acquire over 57k ratings on the Apple App Store alone.  

  1. Heroes of Order & Chaos

While the most common gameplay mode for MOBA games is multiplayer, Heroes of Order & Chaos offers 3 different maps with 3 varying gameplay modes. If you’re bored of playing alongside the same teammates in 3v3 or 5v5 modes, the game allows you to battle solo as well. 

A new inclusion in the game is a spectator mode where players can watch their friends battle live. The first-person view of the game can even be streamed live on Twitch TV or YouTube. HOC doesn’t charge you to unlock modes or the streaming option, but unlocking more items and Heroes come as in-app purchases. 

  1. Legend of Ace

A fusion of MOBA and collectible card games like Clash Royale, Legend of Ace brings a unique twist to mobile gaming. You don’t have to purchase multiple items to upgrade your character rather you have the option to choose from over a hundred cards to power-up the abilities of your chosen Hero.

Before selecting your preferred mode, you are transferred to the team matchmaking screen. There you collaborate with players worldwide and subsequently form your team. The game duration ranges up to 10 minutes yet in such a short time span, you have to work together with your team to make the right moves at the right moment in order to win.

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