If you are in the transportation and logistics business, you face the test of managing your trailers as effectively as possible. To make this exercise a bit simpler for you, you can utilize a GPS vehicle tracking device

According to the Global Cargo Theft Intelligence and Advisory Report of 2018, India and China are leading in global cargo theft.

Why You Need a Trailer Tracking System for Your Transportation Business

While cargo theft is rampant, it seems that food and beverages are targeted the most, followed by metals.

In this blog, we’ll talk about what trailer tracking is, how you should use it, and how to benefit from it. A vehicle monitoring system is an excellent solution to track your trailers. It can also assist you in streamlining your operations in a cost-efficient way. 

What is Trailer Tracking? 

Before we take a look at the various techniques to follow trailers and the advantages that are attached to it, how about we define trailer tracking? With trailer tracking, you can track the position and use of a trailer through a GPS signal that is appended to the trailer. When this data is gathered, a communication or satellite system is used to transfer that information to one central location where you can store it. 

How Can You Track Your Trailers? 

Before the advent of GPS trackers, trailer fleets were counted by hand. Workers would manually record the trailer number, note its location with any cargo that was onboard. This meant spending more time on manual record-keeping and less time for the trailers on the road.

When trailers were on the road, manual tallying was tedious, and it frequently required telephone or radio calls to give a general location. If a trailer was unaccounted for, several days would pass without knowing whether it was lost or stolen.

GPS tracking solutions changed all that.

To know where your trailers are, anywhere and anytime, you can outfit them with a GPS Tracker for car. The GPS trackers are a component of this system. They make it possible to follow non-powered assets (similar to trailers) in an energy-efficient manner. The data on the location, accumulated by these GPS trackers, is transmitted to the cloud and studied in a web application. 

This web application offers you a value-added quality since it gives you critical information, all accumulated in one spot. By having access to these detailed bits of information, you can enhance your planning process, your logistics stream, and everyday activities. To understand the advantages of trailer tracking, let’s discuss it in detail.

What are the Benefits of Trailer Tracker? 

Visibility on Decoupled Trailers 

Conventional tracking systems are usually connected to the truck itself. One issue that remains is gaining more visibility on trailers when they are decoupled from a truck. This is vital because ideally, you need to know what befalls a trailer at all times. Furthermore, you also need to know whether trailers are used in a legitimate manner when they are not attached to a truck. 

Tracking Subcontractor Contract Compliance

If a trailer leaves your site, it can be gone for a few weeks. During this time, the trailer might get harmed en route. If you have no information about what happened to the trailer, it is practically impossible to determine the cause for damage and identify the perpetrators. With GPS vehicle tracking, you can track contract compliance and rightfully use your trailers.

Convenient Communication With Clients 

Without accurate data about where a trailer is, it will be difficult to update your customer on when the trailer will arrive. Clients expect to be informed regularly.

With GPS tracking solutions, you are aware of the trailer’s whereabouts, and so you can inform your customers about it. This can positively impact the customer experience for B2B services. 

Improve Your Trailer Capacity

A manual logging system makes it hard to have a seamless structure that gives you precise information on the use of your trailers. Errors occur easily and you are hard-pressed to get a full overview of your trailers. Vehicle tracking solutions allow a complete analysis of the utilization of your fleet. Overall it will also furnish you with reports, alerts, allocation, and the maintenance of your trailers. 


Trailer tracking has become an essential part of any logistics business. It facilitates easier tracking of vehicles and the cargo inside. In case of accidents, theft or emergencies, GPS trackers allow speedy recovery of the trailers and prevent loss of money.

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