Gamers don’t just want a new game to play, they crave the whole experience that comes with it. This is why, even after gamers fork over the cash for the game, they desire an experience that is more fulfilling. The sad part is that a great experience with the game isn’t always guaranteed, even if you really love gaming. However, half the battle is knowing what gamers expect to get out of a game. Then, it becomes easier to ensure that subsequent gaming experiences are just as great. Here are the 5 things gamers expect out of a great gaming experience

5 Things Gamers Expect out of a Great Gaming Experience

A difficult but surmountable challenge – Gamers want to beat their games, but they don’t want that victory to come easy. Whether they play on hard or easy settings, they want the game to put up a fight because quite frankly, beating a level or a boss gives the gamer a feeling that is difficult to compete with. However, at the same time, a gamer trying repeatedly to overcome a boss or level and failing will only leave them exasperated. Therefore, game developers must strike a sort of balance, creating challenges that are difficult but at the same time beatable. 

100% uptime – Most people lead lives that are chock-full of other responsibilities, whether work, school or both. So, whenever people do find time to game, they want more than anything for their games to be ready when they are. There is nothing worse than starting the game at the time you carved out, only to find that the server is down. It’s important, therefore, for developers to ensure that their games suffer as little downtime as possible. While the odd server breakdown is unavoidable, if it were to happen too frequently it could lead to gamers abandoning your game for one that is more available.

An immersive experience – No great gaming experience is complete without the gamer becoming completely lost within the world of the game. Gamers want to be completely closed off to the world around them while they play. The way to achieve this is through the continual implementation of newer and better technologies that help to improve the gaming experience. Augmented and Virtual reality are finding increasing implementation in gaming. Artificial intelligence implementation is also making a splash, helping to improve in-game dialogues.

An involved gamer community – Gamers don’t want to go it alone. There isn’t anything fun about playing a game that only few people are interested in. There is also nothing rewarding about playing a game where there isn’t a thriving community devoted to the game and dedicated to sharing tips and tricks. A gaming community like is essential to completing the gaming experience.

A clean interface – Part of being immersed in your game means having a clean, uncluttered interface to deal with. A game where the interface has too many icons and lacks an intuitive layout is a distraction. This situation can be compounded in free games by too many advertisements. Developers need to create an interface where players will want to stay logged in for hours, not one where they will turn the game off in frustration.

Article contributed by – Hemant Kumar Gupta 

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