Solitaire Classic is currently the best online solitaire game. The best of all is that it is free, you don’t pay a dime to play. Even the original hardcore Windows Solitaire fanatics will love this minimalist version of Solitaire. It is such a timeless game. The main objective of the game is to move all of the cards onto four piles sorted by rank in ascending order from Ace to King. While the cards are on the field, the cards can only be in descending order.

Play These Best Online Solitaire Games of 2020

This game can be played in all browsers and on PC, tablets, and smartphones. Is the quality of graphics are your concern? The graphics are a pleasure to the eye. It is sleek, colorful, and well made. This game is perfect to kill time whether you are at the airport, in a bus ride, or in a barbershop having a hair cut.

How to play

Your goal is to get rid of your cards. You have to move on to four base piles on the top. Start with the aces and then put the cards in descending order. It has to be in different colors to unlock the underneath cards. There are two game modes: 1 card or 3 card shuffle.


The game allows you to modify the game to your comfort zone. Apart from offering you 2 different game modes, you can mute the music of the game. Also, you can set the game to play with your right hand or left hand.

Other Solitaire games

Another available Solitaire game is The World of Solitaire. The World of Solitaire gives you the option to hide unwanted ads to make your gaming experience enjoyable. The playboard is a lot bigger giving you a bigger size of cards which gives you improved visibility. There are several options and features along with a decent interface.


Solitaired is one of a kind solitaire online game out there. This is because of its Ad-free platform making your gaming experience very enjoyable. The game offers a welcoming interface with large-sized cards and distraction-free giving you more focus to be focused and relaxed. The game even provides you with instructions on how to play the game. It even provides key strategies on how to play the game better. On top of that, the game provides a history of the origins of the game. If you play the game you’ll have the opportunity to read it.


These are some of the free available online Solitaire games that are out there. Have fun and enjoy it.

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