In this technology-driven era, each and every business solution has now become technology dependent and it has allowed businesses to be more effective and efficient. Technology has brought automation in the business solutions which has not only helped businesses in minimizing errors but has also helped businesses in increasing their speed. There is a wide range of technological marvel which has completely changed the way businesses used to work but one technological solution which has acted as a magic wand for most of the businesses is cloud computing. 

How Businesses can capitalize on cloud computing?

Cloud computing has been around from a very long time but during its initial phase, it was not much so that it can be used for business solutions. Technological evolution has increased its pace during the last two decades and it has allowed technologies like cloud computing to become a full-proof business solution. It took many years for this amazing technology to become an integral part of business solutions but it was a part of only giant businesses as in the starting, cloud was a very costly solution and it was almost an impractical option for small and medium-sized business.

But everything changed as the cloud computing technology evolved. The advanced cloud computing solutions which we see today has been made possible because of the way cloud computing has shaped during the past few years. Nowadays, cloud computing is not only limited to small businesses and it has now opened its door for even small and medium-sized businesses. The evolution of cloud computing technology has allowed it to become cheap but the effectiveness and efficiency of this amazing technology remained the same. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at three different ways businesses can use cloud computing solution and capitalize on its advantages. 

Cloud hosting

One of the best ways in which small and medium-sized businesses could use the amazing cloud computing technology is cloud hosting. In the cloud hosting solution, the business application or the software is hosted on the cloud platform. 

 When cloud computing was first introduced to the businesses, it was a very costly solution because in order to use software and applications on the cloud, businesses need to build an IT infrastructure in their premise which was very costly and in addition to this, businesses also need to hire an IT team to manage the infrastructure. All this was a huge expense especially for a small business that has a limited budget. 

But all these changed when the third party hosting solution was brought into the picture. These third-party hosting providers have their own cloud servers on which they host the software and application of their clients. For example, if a business wishes to shift Quick-books Enterprise on the cloud then it needs to choose from the list of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers and that’s it. No need to build costly IT infrastructure or hire an IT team.

There are various advantages of cloud hosting like global accessibility, high up-time, advanced security, scalability, multi-user access, round the clock support and much more. 

Cloud storage

Each and every business data is very important for any firm. It doesn’t matter how small or big an organization is, if it is not able to manage its data effectively then it will push the organization back in the tough race of competition. Those days are long gone when businesses stored their sensitive data on a local computer as with the technological evolution, hackers have also evolved and that’s where the second good use of cloud computing comes into picture in the form of cloud storage. 

Cloud storage is one of the most secure places for storing sensitive business data as even the smartest hackers won’t be able to get their hands on your data stored on the cloud. Multiple security layers like encrypted data, anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection are deployed on the cloud platform so that it can’t be breached. 

There are various cloud storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc which you can use for storing your data. Most of these solutions are free but you can also buy their package for more space and advanced features. 

Cloud Backup 

Another great way to use cloud computing in your business is cloud backup. As a business owner, you must be aware about the importance of backing up your data as in case of an unfortunate event, chances of complete data loss are always there. By choosing cloud as your backup platform, you will be able to not only build a robust backup plan but also get a disaster recovery plan along with it. In the cloud platform, your data is stored at multiple locations so that even if one location is affected by a catastrophe, you can still recover your data from another location without any hassle. 

So, if you are running a business then it becomes very important for you to make cloud computing an integral part of your business as it offers wide range of benefits and acts as magic wand without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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