Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a booming and thriving city. Acquiring the title as the third most populated city in Australia, it’s no wonder that there’s continuous and growing progress in the city’s construction, manufacturing, and transport industry. Due to that, skilled operators became quite a demand.

How to Get a Forklift Licence in Brisbane-compressed

With businesses growing in number, being in the Forklift industry might be a good idea right now. Though, even before you can sit behind its wheels, you must first need a licence. While it might seem bothersome, getting the forklift licence Brisbane city requires is worth it in the end as it opens many doors to opportunities. 

What is a Forklift?

A Forklift isn’t precisely the first thing that comes to mind whenever construction equipment comes up in conversation. Though, be that as it may, it’s still an incredible and go-to vehicle for moving and lifting machines for transport. 

Otherwise known as jitney, fork truck, or lift truck, a forklift is an industrial vehicle with a two-pronged fork attachment on the front that’s primary purpose is to lift materials. Often, operators use a pallet or wooden platform to lift them. At present, there are different types of forklifts that have their unique style, use, and purpose. 

However, before you can operate a forklift, you first need to work for a forklift licence. This certification is a requirement for any operator who uses a forklift. A forklift licence serves as proof that you are capable and qualified to operate the machine. Having this under your belt is also a sure way to increase your job chances and opportunities.

How to Get a Forklift Licence in Brisbane?

If you live in Brisbane, getting a forklift licence is an absolute compulsory requirement to get accepted for a job. As the job is a high-risk classified occupation in Australia, there is a chance of potential accidents and danger in the workplace and premises. For that reason, every forklift operator must undergo rigorous training and lessons before they could get their licence.

Foremost, you must work for your HRW (High-Risk Work) licence. To do so, you need to be assessed and trained at a Registered Training Organization (RTO) by a licenced supervisor. 

As for the forklift licence Brisbane needs, it is quite easy! You must first decide what type of licence you are aiming for. May it be an LO or LF. Then you can search for an RTO that offers the kind of training or course you require. 

There are various certified RTO in Brisbane capable of conducting formal assessment and training. Upon choosing one, you then must complete their proper training plan and the required hours (40 hours) and tasks of forklift operation and lectures. 

After training, you will be given a practical assessment by the RTO. Upon completion, you will attain an AS1 form from the supervisor and a statement of attainment issued by the RTO. You will also need to complete other requirements to apply for your forklift licence alongside those two documents. There is also a processing fee you will need to pay.           Workplace safety is every company’s priority. Employers would certainly hesitate to hire an employee who does not have proper training and requirements. While getting a licence demands work, it does come with multiple opportunities for career growth and greater job chances.

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