Path of Exile fans are hyped for what’s to come once the Ultimatum league ends, so just what can they expect for the PoE 3.15 update?

League Speculations What Comes After the Ultimatum

Every challenge league that has been released so far has had a lifespan of three months, and this goes the same for The Ultimatum league. Scheduled to end in July, many fans are speculating as to what’s the next league in store for them. Most of the players are done doing the optional challenges in the Ultimatum at this point and they’ve sifted through almost everything that they could within the league. So just what comes after the Ultimatum league? And will Grinding Gear Games put in a unique spin for it or stick to the styles that they’re familiar with? At the very least, players know for sure that they’ll have more methods to farm PoE currency and Exalted Orbs.

Looking Back at The Ultimatum League

Compared to the previous leagues that were released in Path of Exile, the Ultimatum is by far one of the most fun to delve into. Since it boasted an all-or-nothing game style, players can choose as to how far they’re willing to go. No doubt they’re already familiar with the Trialmaster, an NPC who also happens to be the emissary of the Vaal entity, Chaos. To sum up, what the Ultimatum league is, it lets the player play a connected series of trials. The further that a player goes, the more the trials will escalate in terms of difficulty and rewards. If the player manages to survive the whole ordeal up until the more difficult parts of the trial and claims their rewards before tackling the next trial, then they’ll be able to get their goodies such as PoE currency and Exalted Orbs. But if they risked it all to undergo the next trial and failed, then all of the rewards that they’ve accumulated up until that point will instantly vanish. 

The Ultimatum League was better than what the players anticipated. It brought forth a bigger and bolder expansion that was able to address a lot of the main concerns that other players had for it and added a bunch of interesting changes and new features to the already chock-full ARPG. What’s more, the Vaal-themed league made a lot of quality-of-life adjustments to Path of Exile itself. While it’s certainly not as successful as the Atlas league which was deemed by many critics as one of the best leagues in Path of Exile, it’s one that made a lot of older Path of Exile players return to the game once again. Since the game is free and all for everybody, it’s much easier for players who quit to make a return.

End Dates for the Path of Exile Ultimatum

As with all of the things in life, everything must come to an end at some point. According to the Grinding Gear Games, the Ultimatum league will be ending roughly five days before the release of the 3.15 patch update. The end date for the Ultimatum league will be different for the PC and console users as well. The PC platform has an end date of July 12 while console platforms such as the Xbox and PlayStation are scheduled to end the Ultimatum league on July 21. 

Plans are already in the works for the future of the Ultimatum league as well. As of the scheduled patch 3.15 update, Grinding Gear Games has decided to not add the Ultimatum as a core mechanic just yet. This is because the content for the Ultimatum still needs further improvement and thus will be added for the future season. One of the things the Grinding Gear Games will be working on to improve it is by tweaking and adjusting the combat of Ultimatum encounters. Players have critiqued that the experience in Ultimatum can be overwhelming at times, making it a reasonable decision for GGG to improve the combat by making it more tactical-based. Having too many monsters spawning in a teeny tiny space for the circle is just not a great thing to be met with especially when there are too many things going on at once already. 

Release Date for 3.15

While the release time is still subject to change, the tentative date for the release of the 3.15 update is July 16 for PC users and July 21 for Xbox and PlayStation users. On July 1, there will be a short teaser for the 3.15 expansion that’s going to be released on YouTube that’ll also cement the actual release date of the new league. Furthermore, the teaser will also be showing a smidge of what’s to come. For players who want to know everything about the 3.15 update, then they should wait for July 8 as that’s when the developers will be officially announcing the PoE 3.15 expansion in Path of Exile’s Twitch channel.

In A Nutshell

Just like every league that came in Path of Exile, the 3.15 update is expected to have a new challenge league, game-wide balance chances, new rewards besides PoE currency and Exalted Orbs, and many more. The scope of the 3.15 update already looking to be larger than Ultimatum, making fans excited for the highly anticipated league. There’s still no actual name for the new challenge league though which is a bummer. What do you think will be the name for the next challenge league after Ultimatum? Let us know down below.

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