You might have seen many influencers or people who use and sell these bundles of herbs on social media. You could be one of those who are not aware of what these bundles are for and their advantages. They are called smudge sticks, and this article will help you understand more about it. Once you are done reading this, there is a good chance you will purchase such bundles of herbs for yourself and later on give them away at weddings, birthdays, and other events as giveaways. 

Why You Should Start Giving Out Smudge Sticks in Weddings

What Are They?

The herbs that are usually used in these bundles are sage, lavender, and Yerba Santo. They are tied together with twine. However, if you look into companies that offer these herb bundles, you will find different kinds of aromatic plants that they tie together. 

It depends on your needs. So if you want one for self-love, for cleansing, for serenity, and for dispelling negative energy, you can get a stick that has sage, pine, and pink flowers. If you want to relax, you can get a mix of sage, lavender, and pine. 

How to Use 

A portion of these herbs then gets burned to help you prevent illnesses, remove negative energy, cleanse a space, and the like. You do not have to burn the whole thing as a little portion of these herb bundles goes a long way. 

Native Americans incorporated smudging in their lives for hundreds of years now, so it is not a trend. They use these herbs to create a beautiful ritual for grounding their energy to be positive. Smudging also helps neutralise a person’s aura. 

To enjoy it, use it for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how much of the stick you burned. You can put it out on your own, but most people let the stick burn out on its own. 

Why Use It  

Many people use smudge sticks to this day. Companies have built their businesses in this growing industry because it works for many people, especially those who believe in the concept of natural healing. 

Many refer to smudging as experiencing the power of mother nature’s healing energies because it is a natural way of healing a person or helping him or her de-stress. Whatever your needs are, there are sticks that you can use with the end goal of improving your life and space where you usually stay. 

Why Give It Away 

With the benefits stated above, thinking of giving these sticks as giveaways during weddings, birthdays, and special events is a no-brainer. It is a thoughtful gift, and you can even personalise it. You can choose the right bundles for the person who will receive it, and you can even slip in a special note for that person. If they are not familiar with smudging, you can also place a tiny paper with the instructions and benefits, so the sticks do not get wasted. 

These bundles are also very affordable, so you get to use a portion of your budget for giveaways for other things. It is a win-win situation because you get to spread love and healing through these sticks to the people who are very important to you while you cut down on your expenses for your favours. 

Smudging is a fantastic thing you can always share with others. What better way to share it by giving it away during special occasions in your life? It shows that you put a lot of effort into it and have their wellness in mind. The basic herbs you can use for your favours are sage, lavender, cedar, lemon balm, mint, catnip, mugwort, and many more. 

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