Esports has taken the world of gaming to another level. Millions of players are now joining the scene and choosing professional esports gaming as a proper career. Several new games are coming out every other day and people are just loving them. To cope up with the pace of esports, a lot of professional esports teams are forming and competing for millions of prize pools. If you haven’t heard about this growing phenomenon, you can read more about eSports here.

How to start your own Esports Team

However, a very frequent question is being asked from different personalities about starting their own esports professional team. 

This seems an easy task to do so. However, there are a lot of little things that a person should keep in mind while starting an esports team. Let’s get into some details and get to know some of the major points that a person should keep in mind.

Choose a Game to begin with

If you ever plan to start your own esports team, you must make your mind about a game first. It is not compulsory to focus on just one game, as it only matters how much financial support you have. In general, if you are looking for a good start in the esports industry, you should analyze the market of different games. Look around and find the best game to begin with. For example, if you are interested in getting into heavy prize pool tournaments, you should go for Dota 2. Similarly, if you have any other aspect in your mind, you should select the game accordingly. 

Choosing only one game gives you better chances to focus on your team more. As you are in your early stages of the team, your team needs all the possible attention.

Select the Geographic Region

In order to start your esports team, you must focus on the geographic region as well. You should always go for a region for your team where you have access. Not just this, a region might also be important because there are a lot of games that organize tournaments in a single region only. If you have already selected your esports game to make a team for, and the region you are planning does not support any mega tournaments, then you are making a mistake. Always look for a better region where your team can have more opportunities to perform and win. 

Start your Team Branding

As soon as you decide on a proper region and game for your esports team, start branding your name. Let the whole esports market know that you are in the scene and currently looking for professionals to join. You can also use different tournaments where you can brand your new team and professionals can actually show interest. Therefore, team branding is very important, because an esports team earns popularity with the number of fans it has. So, the more popular your team becomes, the more professionals try to join. 

Find the Potential Members

As you get your name in the market, start looking for professionals who can join your squad. Always try and find the coach first. If you have a good coach, he/she will always help you find better players for your team. Find all the potential members of your team and then differentiate, which members can participate in your active squad and which of them will remain inactive. 

Look for the Sponsors

When you are all set with your members and team buildings, you should now look for a strong sponsor. Sponsors can help you in taking your team to high levels and you can easily participate in big tournaments. A strong sponsor can also help you attract multiple professionals to join your squad. The better your sponsor is, the better chances you have to play more tournaments.

Starting an esports team is not an easy task at all. Esports has become a proper business and people are making millions out of it. Making a new team for the scene requires a lot of effort and time. We would never recommend you invest all you have and make a team in every region. However, you should always start small and analyze the response. If your team is doing well and you have made the name, you should now switch to other regions and multiple games. Once you have made your team, you have to constantly work for its building as well. Therefore, it is not an easy task for sure. However, it is a business a lot of professionals are talking about and we would definitely recommend you get into it.

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