Get paid to play just like what you do when you are bored. What could be better than doing what you love doing, right?

Video Game Tester - Get Paid to Play

And when gaming is what you do and having personal critics on them is part of your hobby, you might want to be paid by doing that!

These people are called game critics or game testers. They get to test the beta unreleased games of a certain company, and in return, get paid. Just like what have said earlier, what is better than having to play the latest games before they can be released, and get paid for doing so! Gaming companies pay several gamers to critic and have their personal views on their unreleased games to further improve the gaming quality these games have.

What do they get in return? How do they pay these game critics and testers? They get quality critics from the bests of the field, game critics and players like their target markets. They save themselves from having those risky sales and marketing. And how do they pay? They pay fifty to a hundred bucks per hour. They pay per hour and it does not necessarily mean that you have to devote eight to ten hours of your day playing. This also means that a student, for example, can still go to school and live his/her normal life just like the others.

The only difference is that, he/she is earning and has those extra bucks for coffee and movies. You know how teenagers can be.

What you lose? Actually, to tell you frankly, you do not lose anything. Since you are a gamer already and it is your hobby, there is pretty much nothing to lose. You play like what you do before, the only difference is that the games you play are different form the games your friends play since you have the most updated ones. Isn’t that bad?

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