Life can feel monotonous at times. Following the same old robotic routine can take a toll on the best of us. At such times, a great sanctuary for the masses is video games.

These are 5 fun adventure games

According to TechJury, there are 2.3 billion gamers in the world. And at least 56 percent of the players prefer playing multiplayer games, as per ESA.  Considering that the average age of gamers is 32, one might wonder why adults are attracted to video games.

It is because video games transport you to another world. For a few hours, you forget about your everyday worries as you immerse yourself in the game. One genre of video games that succeeds in boosting adrenaline while transporting you to a fantasy world is an adventure.

Bored? Here are 5 adventure games that offer you hours of fun

As per Statista, adventure games account for approximately 8 percent of the games sold in America alone. If you too wish to escape boredom, here are the best adventure games that will keep you entertained for hours.

These are 5 fun adventure games:

  1. Pirate Kid
    Let’s face it- none of us like playing games that are too hard! Especially those of us who are not avid gamers. When you think of adventure games, the first thing that comes to your mind is that they are bound to be difficult.
    But, the most addictive games are those who manage to be difficult enough to be challenging yet easy enough to keep you interested. This is exactly the balance Pirate Kid has managed to strike.
    Pirate Kid is a game delivered by Unlimited Gamez Mo. This platform offers various other online games to users. However, the catch is that for the plethora of options provided, the platform charges a small subscription fee.
    When it comes to Pirate Kid, the gameplay has all the right ingredients of an adventure game. There are evil crabs and birds to avoid while you assume the role of a pirate who is out on a quest to collect diamonds.
    The gameplay is quite straightforward, as well. All you have to do is tap on the screen to jump and avoid the obstacles that come your way. Your job is to collect as many diamonds as you can. The game is both simple and addictive!
  2. Genesis Ad
    For those of you who like Sci-Fi, you are bound to find Genesis Ad an excellent game to play when you are bored.
    Genesis is set in 2231- a time when the Earth’s resources are running out. However, humans have found a new planet to replenish their resources. The only issue is that the said planet is owned by unwelcoming aliens who don’t want to share their resources.
    While most people of the Earth are adamant about stripping the said planet from its resource, some people resist it. Now, you have to decide which side to choose.
    Apart from the interesting story, the game also has excellent weapons, playable classes, and equipment. Since the game is multiplayer, you and your friends can battle it out in a team deathmatch, knife-only mode, or demolition mode. Each of these rounds is cruel, fast-paced, and fun to play.
  3. The Walking Dead: The Game
    The Walking Dead succeeds in being a cultural phenomenon. Certain TV shows leave a mark on you, and The Walking Dead was certainly one of them. Even those who aren’t fans of the genre found themselves watching the show due to the hype, and eventually, the story.
    The success of the series paved the way for its standalone game. For avid fans of The Walking Dead and Adventure games alike, the Walking Dead: The Game is a visual treat. Once the promotion phase of the game was over, it was available for reasonable rates for the masses to play.
    Yes, there are flaws in the game. But, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the game, owing to its graphics and story, is unforgettable. As a gamer, you will get to assume the role of a convicted murderer named Lee Everett. While you are on your way to prison, the zombie apocalypse breaks out.
    Now, you have to survive and protect Clementine, a little girl you meet along the way. 
  4. Life is Strange
    DONTNOD Entertainment is known to approach video games with a fresh angle. Life is Strange is no exception. This game also focuses more on story-telling that is derived through the gameplay.
    The gamers are introduced to the titular character of the video game, Max- a teenage girl who is trying to keep up with her dramatic life in her quiet town. However, as the game progresses, you realize that Max is as ordinary as she may seem. Instead, she has powers, and the town she lives in is quite strange.
    While adventure, combat, and mystery are at the heart of the game, at the end of the day, it is your skill of listening to the story and observing the minute details that will help you truly reach the culmination of the game.
  5. Evoland 2
    If you are an Android user, Evoland 2 is a game you might like. The only downside to this game is that it is not free. You have to purchase it for $7.99. But it’s worth it!
    Evoland 2 doesn’t understand the limitations of sticking to one genre. This is why it is an amalgamation of quite a few of them. This includes 3D fighter games, role-playing, hack-and-slash, trading card, and various others.

Each of these genres is delved into as you progress in the game. Hence, for the player, it is always a refreshing experience.

Feel the thrill in these fun adventure games!

Monotony is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be avoided!

Boredom is bound to go out the window if you immerse yourself in the right game. Play each of the five adventure games to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Let us know if you think we are missing a game worthy of being mentioned.

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