The idea of creating a distinct account from his own in League of Legends is not something unusual. The LoL database registered close to 10 million active accounts in season 9, but this number isn’t representing the total of players in the community. Indeed, everyone has the ability to create or to buy a smurf account. It doesn’t mean that each player has to get one, for some of them it can positively impact their gaming experience on League of Legends, meanwhile, people can sometimes complain that it’s not fair.

Does getting a smurf account on League of Legends positively impact the community?

A smurf account helps practice

The main reason to use a smurf account is to train his in game capacity to win more games by trying new champions or roles. Also, when the season is ending and the League points gain doesn’t count anymore, preseason is the right moment to switch to another account. During this period, winning or losing doesn’t matter because it doesn’t impact your matchmaking rating. Therefore, it’s the adapted moment to divergent things you wouldn’t think about before. The goal is not to destroy the enemy by having a skill gap above the enemies since it’s not about doing it for the pleasure. Practicing is essential for every player who is involved in League of Legends and look for upgrading his carry potential. Without playing on a smurf to do that, there is nearly any other effective way to do it.

Smurfing can negatively impact LoL

Some high ranked gamers are using their smurf account when they are tired and frustrated of losing on their other account. This way they regain confidence by having high scores and feel better.
If a player doesn’t want to play seriously or just want to have fun, he can just play normal games. In the worst case, high elo players may have received a suspension on their account so they must use another one, even if this is not a real choice. Unfortunately, the experience for beginners is then negatively impacted because the games can be closed within the first 15 minutes and they can’t learn much from it. This is a known fact in the community, many threads talk about players who dominate the game too much which ruins their mmr. In addition to that, they can even flame lower elo players in the chat for not knowing what they have to do.

How to get league of legends smurf account

Having a smurf account can be good or not depending on what side you are. Any player should, in theory, know the advantages and dangers of using it. In both cases, everyone should understand that it’s not always a choice from a high ranked player to play at a low tier. This is not always intentional to give bad feelings about the game to players who just started it.


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