With all of us cooped up in our homes due to the Coronavirus, there’s no shortage of time to play games and explore some old favorites. If you haven’t picked up a bubble shooter game in a little while, these easy to learn but hard to master games will be a great way to relive the golden age of browser games and give your thumbs a workout while you’re at it. Here are some of the best bubble shooters to dive into with a simple tap of your phone. 

Popular Bubble Shooter Games Online

1. Bubble Shooter

The eponymous title that started it all, Bubble Shooter uses simple color combinations that allow the player to rack up combos without giving them a moment to take their eyes off the screen. While variations on color matching games have been around since the early days of the arcade and made something of a comeback during the browser game era, Bubble Shooter was the first of them to elevate the genre to a high art.  It’s easy to get into, but shooting up the leader boards and achieving the high score to beat them all will be no small task should you choose to accept it. 

2. Power Pop Bubbles

“Power pop” isn’t just the name of a catchy genre of music, it’s also the title of an extremely addictive game as well! This variation of the bubble shooter focuses as much on style as it does on gameplay, animating the pops in such a way that you feel compelled to chain as many of them as possible to achieve the ultimate ranking. If you don’t think style can be a form of substance, check out Power Pop Bubbles today and find the hours ticking away. 

3. Bubble Freedom

True to its name, Bubble Freedom is a bubble shooter game that you don’t need an online connection to enjoy. This makes it an ideal choice to add to your collection of phone games if you have a spotty internet connection, or are trying to pass the time in a location that doesn’t have free wi-fi. Bubble shooters are ultimately all about convenience and having a fun time anywhere and everywhere, so this title is the perfect match for people that constantly find themselves on the go. 

4. Bubble Shooter 2

Android Bubble Shooter Games That Will Blow Your Mind

Repurposed and remastered with new boosts, techniques and basic quality of life fixes, Bubble Shooter 2 takes what isn’t broke and somehow manages to fix it better than ever. If you thought the first game was fun, you need to see what the developers have in store for you with this next iteration. And if you enjoy this one, don’t miss out on the threequel…

5. Bubble Shooter 3

You can’t have too many Bubble Shooters; just like with classic movie series such as Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, and Star Wars, you need to experience the trilogy as a whole to really get the most out of it. Featuring new upgrades and challenging puzzles that will put even the most experienced of bubble shooter pros to the test, this entry proves the old adage that the third time is most definitely the charm. Getting the most out of your bubble shooter of choice is easy to do when you have a game like this one that’s stacked to the brim with content!

What did you think of our list of the best bubble shooter games you can play today? Do you have any of your own favorite bubble shooters that our ranking missed out on? Leave us a comment below and join one of the fastest growing communities of gamers on the web.

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