Everyone needs days full of adrenaline rush in their lives. While the best way to do so is by going on an adventure yourself, it is not always an option considering the fast-paced lives most of us live these days.

This is where video games can help. An immersive video gaming experience allows people to let go of their daily worries and assume the role of a character within the game.

Adventure Online Games That Full of Thrill & Excitement

Suddenly, the biggest challenge in life becomes defeating the villain, and the thrill you get from doing so gives you an amazing feeling.

This effect of playing video games might be the reason why the sector has fared so well consistently over the years. As per We PC, there were over 2.5 billion gamers in the world in 2016. 

The market value of the gaming industry in the US was around 18 billion USD in 2018, according to Statista. Moreover, the adventure genre accounts for 7.8 percent of the total sales of games in the US.

So, if you are looking for thrill and excitement as well, here are some of the games that are worth playing.

  1. Fortnite

Currently, the popularity of Fortnite is going through the roof. Not only is it sought after by gamers, many like to watch people play it as well. So much so that Fortnite is among the most-watched games on Twitch.

The online game is developed by Epic Games and was released in 2017. As of 2020, there are over 350 million registered players of the game online. The game is available in three modes, including Save the World, Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

In Save the World, you must collaborate with four other players to complete a common objective of saving the Earth.

In Battle Royale, each player competes with 100 other players as they are placed on the land. Here, you must fend for resources and weapons and emerge as the last standing survivor.

Like Minecraft, Fortnite Creative is a sandbox mode where players can explore the world and create games of their own. For the thrill-seekers out there, the first two modes are ideal.

  1. Pirate Kid

Pirate Kid by Unlimited Gamez Mo is an exciting adventure game for young gamers. In this game, the player has to take up the role of a pirate and navigate through the dangerous seas.

The objective is to collect as many diamonds as you can. However, the game isn’t that simple. While on the quest, the player has to avoid evil crabs, birds, and spiky shells.

The games keep the players hooked as they jump up and down to avoid the obstacles and evil creatures to reach the endpoint.

It has simple yet fun gameplay, and if you are a fan of high-end graphics, then this will be the perfect game for you.

Other than that, the game has all the right ingredients for an addictive gaming experience.

  1. Flight of the Amazon Queen

Nostalgia might hit you hard when playing Flight of the Amazon Queen. The game came out in 1995 and is still one of the classic adventure games out there.

The game surely has an Indiana Jones feel to it. You will be taken back to the 1940s with its settings and gameplay.

In 2020, the graphics of the game might appear archaic, but this is the unique aspect of this game. The historic setup makes it a truly magical game.

In the game, you play the role of Joe King, who is a pilot with the mission of rescuing a movie actress named Faye Russel.

What begins as a recovery mission for the actress soon has other characters needing your help as well, and you have to save them as well to succeed in your mission.

Along the way, you also have to solve various puzzles, which can be challenging. But that is what makes the game exciting.

  1. A Tale of Two Kingdoms

It is a fantasy adventure game that has garnered quite a lot of praise for its plot and gameplay. It was developed and released by Crystal Shard in 2007. The game is perfect for those who loved the classic Sierra games.

It follows the life of Maeldun Whiteblade, who is out to clear his name after being framed for the king’s murder. Along the way, he has to fight battles and uncover secrets that make the game very intriguing.

One of the best features of the game is that it has five different endings. Depending on your actions in the game, the conclusion of the game will differ.

Therefore, even if you make a mistake, the game will go on. This makes one want to keep playing the game to unlock and see all the possible endings of the game.

  1. PUBG

It is impossible to create a list of online adventure games and not include PUBG in it. The game was released in 2015, and already, it has over 227 million monthly players. 

The immersive nature of the game, along with the addition of real-time communication with other players, takes this game to another level.

Its gameplay is similar to the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. Here too, you must emerge as the last one standing among other players.

The game requires you to form alliances, create a strategy for attack, and collect resources for your survival.

Ending Remarks

The best adventure games aren’t necessarily the ones with high-end graphics. They also don’t have to be full of violence.

This blog carries all the games that are certain to provide the thrill and excitement that the gamers seek. This is why our list has a mix of old and new games. Some have simple gameplay, while others have complex gameplay.

Play each game and decide for yourself which game you think is best from the lot. Let us know if you think there are other games worthy of being on the list.

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