For video game lovers, Twitch is a sought after name. At present Twitch plays the role of an important platform in the video game industry.

Therefore, it’s a platform where people can discover the latest or their old favorite video games, build community, and poke around ongoing trends.

Most Watched Games on Twitch 2020

There are several reasons why people spend hours watching the stream of video games. Some watch to play better, learn new tricks and moves, some on the other hand simply takes it as entertainment. The objective of Twitch is used differently by different hands. People are here as a game publisher, player, organizer, or viewer.

Did you know that millions of dollars are paid by the publishers so that their game ranks top? Moreover, one can earn a living by paid subscriptions and viewer donations.if your screen look really good you hire professional twitch overlay maker who can make perfect twitch overlay package 

We are narrowing down most-watched games on Twitch 2020 for you, have a look at the popular ones: 

  1. League of Legends: Having 125.65 million hours watched, League of Legend tops the most viewed games. The massive growth of viewers is noticed just within three months. Very recently, this game has celebrated its 10th anniversary. 

Fans are excited about the promised The League World Championship matchup.

  1. Fortnite : Having over 79.1 million hours watched, the survival game Forniite ranks second place in this list.  In July 2017, the map of this game was first released. Afterward, the keen interest in “Chapter-2” updates has increased viewers on a massive scale. 
  2. Just Chatting: The 2d platformer, Just Chatting possesses over 68.4 million hours watched. Though it is not a video game, the casual conversational channel shows a growing interest among the audience. It is mainly a platform where through group discussions many ongoing topics are explained or ideas are exchanged.
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Released in 2013, Counter-Strike has 44.77 million hours watched. It is mainly a classic shooting with an underlined history. Things like tournaments help to increase viewers. Moreover, it is free to play. This is another reason why it holds a massive audience. 
  4. Grand Theft Auto V: Having 36.89 million hours watched, Grand Theft Auto V holds a special place in adventure-action game lovers. Not only it is currently popular but also it is the best selling of all time. Free-wheeling online play, completing missions with set objectives, irrelevant style, etc make the game appealing to the viewers.  
  5. World of Warcraft: The famous role-playing game, World of Warcraft has a record of 36 million hours watched. A throwback version of the game named WOW CLASSIC has increased viewers on a massive scale.  
  6. Dota 2: The multiplayer battle arena, Dota 2 has a record of 30 million hours watched. With international esports community, it draws a large amount of audience. On a monthly basis a sizable amount of people views it on Twitch. 
  7. Apex Legends: A free to play royale game, Apex Legends holds a record of having 26.68 million viewers. It is one of the most popular games of 2020.

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