Online games are becoming a prior choice for all people to spend their time. These interactive and New Mobile Games allow people to make a bond with other people while not stepping out from home. All credit goes to the latest technologies that we can do things together while sitting at our homes and being apart physically. During the lockdown, these multiplayer and popular online games helped people so much to stay inside their home as per the government guidelines.

In Lockdown Time, Indians Turns to Mobile Games to Kill Time

5 Games that Inspired and Helped People to Stay Inside and to spend their time

Amid the lockdown, games have become a new communication channel for people worldwide. The success of some essential games is an example of this. Even when every work stopped, the online multiplayer game battle was on, and the number of downloading online games was increasing day-by-day. Here are the five games that gained very much popularity during the lockdown period, check them out-

  1. Helical Jump

It is the most amazing ball jump game that is easy to access and play with vivid features. Have a wonderful experience and spend your free time with a thrilling adventure. New Mobile Games like this New helix game, provided users with the most exciting experience during the lockdown. This game can be played just by moving fingers on the screen of the device. Give it a try, and you will get addicted to it!

  1. Ludo King

Ludo King is the latest game and is the part of the most entertaining multiplayer game. It has four modes- Local mode, computer, private multiplayer, and online multiplayer. In this, users can play with other users too, but they can choose them on their own. Users can also play this game with their Facebook friends by the online mode. And they can include up to 6 players in local multiplayer mode. 

  1. PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground)

PUBG was already so popular, but lockdown made it even more famous among players. In this single game, you can fight with hundreds of other players in a battle royale. It is a kind of last man standing deathmatch game on a large scale where you have to be alive till the end. In this, the player themselves can choose, whether they want to play single, duo or with the team. Be careful as it is the most addictive game.

  1. Fortnite

It is an epic game and known as one of the New Mobile Games that has experienced a roaring success in a short time. It has over 125 million players at a time and is a multiplayer online video game. It is distributed into three unique game modes. It is one of the best video games that support multi-platforms like iOS, Android, PS4, Windows, and Xbox One. Also, it has amazing art assets, graphics, and touchable optimized controls. 

  1. Crossing Gaps Hero

All the users who were looking to download the crossing game, this game fulfilled their wish by making them addicted to it. This game is compatible with every type of device, be it tablets or smartphones. It falls into the adventure game category that includes animated burn river, pillars, and bubble cloud to define the game quality. Also, mind the distance between the pillars to make a bridge; if you fall, you are out. 

Connection Between People and Mobile Video Games Amid Lockdown

When coronavirus started to spread to the metro cities of India, all the people were locked into their home. At that time, they had nothing to do and moved towards online video games. Through it, social gaming got a boom in the time of novel Coronavirus. Despite the fun video games, many people started trying their luck in online real money gaming platforms that has been a big reason behind the sporting event’s cancellation. Some of these gaming platforms also offer traditional card games like Poker and Rummy. 

These new Mobile Games made the users play them in non-peak hours as well. Most of the traffic for these games came between the time of 6 PM to 1 AM, but with the time, it also increased. Right from that time, this trend is continuing, and now various gaming companies are trying to develop more video games like this to engage lots of players. 

These latest online mobile games were very much helpful to keep the people busy and entertained at the time of lockdown. This ongoing lockdown gaming list includes many top online multiplayer games too that kept the people connected with their closed ones and didn’t let them bored.  

Closing Thought

After knowing about the impact of these exciting and entertained mobile games in the time of lockdown, what’s your view? You Still have time, download the latest game and see yourself getting addicted to it as it will not keep you amused. These above-mentioned online games were the most downloaded games by users that helped them stay busy while staying at home.

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