There has been no better time to be a couch potato than in 2020. If you have decided to get a gaming console but cannot decide which console to get then we are here to help you out. The main 3 contenders also known as the Big 3 in the console gaming world are Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s XBOX, and Nintendo’s Switch lineup. All of these are great gaming consoles so the choice even becomes more difficult when looking at the great number of games you can play on these consoles.

The 6 Best Gaming Consoles for 2020

The type of games you play through will help you in deciding which console is best suited for you. Whether you are a single-player story game addict or a multiplayer gaming enthusiast, you might have a preference. Just imagine you are on your couch in your living room in front of your Television and there can preferably be just one console connected to the TV and the internet. With the right choice, you can very well be downloading the latest games you want to play with the help of amazing Mediacom internet speeds offered. Here is a brief description of consoles and reasons you might want to place these consoles in the scenario presented before.

  1. PS4 Slim

Sony PS2 is the most sold console of all time but the successor to the PS2 did not do well in terms of sales compared to PS2 arguably the best console of all time. PS4 was a comeback for Sony with amazing sales (currently more than 110 million units sold which is the 4th most sold console of all times). Sony PlayStation series has a great lineup of games when it comes to its exclusive titles. These exclusive titles are said considered to be the reason the sales of these consoles are so high. The Uncharted and God of War series as well as Horizon: Zero Dawn just to name a few are PS4 exclusives. If you are looking to play these awesome exclusives you need to have the PS4.

  1. PS4 Pro

If you want to enjoy the exclusives that Sony PS4 has to offer and are looking to play them on your 4K TV then you need to get the PS4. PS4 Pro has the option to stream 4K videos that were not available in the regular PS4 models. If you are into VR gaming then there is no other console that offers proper VR support and if you want to use the PSVR then it is best you use it on a PS4 Pro. Other consoles don’t even have a dedicated VR headset which can be connected to their respective consoles.

  1. Xbox One X

Microsoft’s Contender for the best console is the Xbox One X which is the most powerful console in our lineup. If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to have the best 4K 60 Fps gaming experience then it is a way better experience than the PS4 Pro. Xbox One X sports around 6 teraflops (a unit that defines graphical processing power) of computing power making it the most powerful console compared to the 4.2 teraflops of PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X is the only console in the list that is equipped with a 4K Blu-ray player. If you are looking for a console to double as a Blu-ray player then you should go for the Xbox One X. There are Xbox exclusives as well like the Gears of War series and the Halo series for those who are fans of these games Xbox console is the only choice they have. Xbox One X also has one leg up compared to the PS4 Pro when it comes to backward compatibility which is absent in the PS4 Pro. Xbox also has shared play options with PC users as well for some of the multiplayer games on their platform.

With all these added features however the Xbox One X is 100 USD more expensive than the PS4 Pro.

  1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console of sorts it can be used as a handheld console as well as a living room console. So whether you want to play at home or want to play on the go there is need for only 1 console. Nintendo has a large number of games and most of these games are for casual gatherings of friends and family. The switch has several exclusive titles that boast a huge fan following and thus the duality of the console has made it a success with the fans. Exclusive titles such as the Mario Kart (and other super Mario games), Legends of Zelda series, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are the huge selling point of the switch console.

  1. Nintendo Switch Lite

This is a stripped-down version of the switch. The main difference between them is that the lite version cannot be connected to a TV and thus can only be used as a handheld console for gaming. It a bit smaller in size and all its changes are for those people who only wanted a switch to play on the go.

  1. Nvidia Shield TV

This is a weird one to add to the list. But Nvidia has come out with console of sorts as it comes out with a controller right out of the box. The main purpose for this is to stream videos but you can play games that are intended for android like the Asphalt 8 and games available on the Geforce NOW which is Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service. 

There are, however next-gen consoles coming at the end of the year, and if you can hold out that long there are going to be amazing new feature-packed consoles awaiting you.

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