The online gaming industry is presently integrated with the latest culture. Even the old people nowadays know how to play games and other gaming places. Around the US for instance, almost half of its population own consoles. This is actually the case in several other nations in the globe.

How the famous gaming industry came about

  1. The beginning times

The earliest gaming machine got discovered during the forties in America. However, the 1st gaming system appeared during the sixties. That invention was a vacuum tube-circuit which users could always attach to a TV set and two individuals would control cubes which ran after each other on a screen. This invention used to offer games like ping pong and others. Other features which were included with some improvement in IT include the lightgun for playing that involves hitting targets and an additional for golf.

  1. The industry moved to Arcade and Atari gaming

By 1967, an electro-mechanical games periscope and Crown special soccer were released. Atari became the 1st among gaming companies to determine standards for the gaming industry during the seventies.

Atari did not just design good games but additionally formed a completely different arcade industry. They sold electronic video games, Pong and arcade gadgets appeared in many places like bars making the industry grow. By 1985, over fifteen entities had started developing video gaming and the market for the gaming industry was expanding rapidly.

  1. Multiplayer games

In the late seventies, many hotels in America installed video games. The gaming industry competition was high and multi-player offers were for people who competed on one screen. The 1st game of playing on one screen was Empire (it was based on the turn for 8 gamers). It was created by PLATO. Gamers could spend almost three hundred thousand hours playing this game from 1978-1985. And In 1973, the industry introduced 3D multiplayer gaming. These games were limited to big companies that had machines and everything specified by the industry. PLATO is among the initial stages on the technical path to the online gaming industry.

Online gaming

  1. Online games industry became real

During the seventies, the playing consoles became common and even PCs emerged. Great advancement in technology, for instance, the designing of Intel’s microprocessor contributed to the invention of games like Gunfight, a multi-player player to player combat shooter.

Atari also invented VSC in the seventies which had the best selling games of all time within the games industry, among them was Outlaw. But the console had an external ROM opening whereby one could plug gaming cartridges. This design got noted by other industry programmers who used it to design games which were better than the initial one. 

Microprocessor combination additionally contributed to the production of Space Invaders for Atari VSC during the eighties. The game marketplace grew and during the eighties, magazines for creative computing, PC video games, and PC gaming came about. The magazines provided a platform for all individuals within the industry to interact.

  1. PCs 

The introduction of PCs that possess the most powerful processors founded a better path for the video game industry. Those PCs additionally provided all the necessary technologies for designing games with BASIC codes. Besides that, they also allowed multi-player gaming, a major development for the advancement of the gaming industry. 

During the early nineties, LAN came about. Ethernet cards and Windows 95 also came about thus increasing the LAN playing further. The actual gaming industry change happened after LAN network and internet access started multi-player gaming which moved the gaming industry to a higher point since players were capable of playing from different PCs. That is how this interactive gaming we see nowadays started. Still, in the early nineties, the WWW software also entered the public domain.

  1. Playing online

During the nineties, the sixteen-bit period consoles were released. Nintendo came up with a satellite modem in 1995 which allowed downloading of games; cheat clues and news from the consoles. 

During 2000 is when the actual improvements of the popular gaming industry that we see these days emerged. Dreamcast brought a fixed 56 Kbps modem and the recent Planetweb browser which made online playing a major section of its design. Dreamcast, however, failed as it ended Sega console functionality and it was costly to get internet access. However, despite that failure, it contributed to the latest popular video game consoles like Xbox and from then the games industry jobs increased.

During 2001, Runescape was introduced and became the most played game in the world. Its multi-play role-play gaming allows many people in the globe to play and communicate on one platform.

  1. Mobile gaming and future expectations

From 2007 when app stores and phones emerged, our ever-growing gaming industry has evolved a lot. Gamers can now play so many of the most popular video games and the way they play has additionally improved. The fast changes in mobile inventions are likely to pass revenue from consoles.


That is how the gaming industry evolved. All changes brought by mobile invention define the current state of the industry. What do you think about the present gaming industry? Do you think features like the processor speed and storage memory limit mobile gaming? If yes, do you think it might slow down the growth of the industry? Write to us and feel free to ask questions if you have any?

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