Photos and images have now become an undeniable part of our daily lives. Almost every phone has a camera and almost everyone clicks pictures. A majority do it for posting it online on blogs, profiles, groups, broadcasts, news, etc. and others do it for hobby. All of us clicking so many pictures eats up a great amount of storage. Though the storage of our phones are also getting more GBs with better phones but with time our phone cameras are clicking more in terms of quantity and quality. The issue is not just that we are clicking more but the problem is we are not organizing them. There are probably thousands of unchecked images in your phone’s storage and a lot of them are unnecessary, corrupt or even duplicate, making them totally useless to you. Removing them / Deleting them is a great solution but it will take hours for anyone to manually sort them out. So what is the solution here? In this article, I am going to discuss some of the best apps that you can use to organize digital photos in your device. Have a look:

Best Picture Organizer Tools

  1. Photo Organizer
Get Systweak Photo Organizer - Microsoft Store

One of the best and the most used tools around the world is Photo Organizer by Systweak Technologies. It is totally free and you can use it to organize bulk photos in your computer quite easily. It is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows and is very small in terms of size. So it can be easily installed and will not affect the performance of your computer like other heavy applications do. It comes with a lot of features like batch editing, renaming, copying, delete, etc. You can organize your photos in various different ways as you deem fit, search for duplicate photos through advanced search which checks metadata instead of just name to find images even after they have been edited or changed, export images to the destination directory, etc. It saves users from manually moving and sorting images, also saving a lot of time and resources.

  1. Adobe Bridge
Features summary for Bridge CC 2017 and earlier releases

Second on the list we have another incredible software from the tech giant Adobe. On its paid subscription you can store your images in cloud storage, work on Windows and MacOS simultaneously, edit and add tags, metadata, etc. You can also use this app to organize videos in your libraries, edit batches, can even organize HDR images easily. The intuitive user interface of Adobe Bridge makes it easy to operate even to the people who are not tech maestros, It is also quite a small application when compared to all the heavy lifting it can do. Cost is the only drawback of this app but since it also comes with a cloud storage, price doesn’t seem an issue.

  1. Magix Photo Manager
MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe – Photo editing program

Next on the list of amazing picture organizers we have Magix Photo Manager. You can use this application to sort out images, organize them, move them to another folder or send them directly to the recycle bin. It is well known for creating backups automatically before you make any changes in your current storage. It also sorts images on the basis of different factors like name, metadata, location, date, etc. and comes with complimentary photo editing tools which you can use to make changes like exposure, colors, bokeh effect, and image optimization. The interface is quite simple and easy to use. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS and quite small in size, making it better suited even for old computers.

  1. Google Photos

You must have definitely heard and most probably used Google Photos if you are using an Android Smartphone. It comes preinstalled with the handset and is like a default photo organizer. If you are working with Windows then Google also has released a very efficient application for your disposal. It comes complete with AI that smartly organizes and automatically backs up your photos. You can even create different collages, collections, videos, etc from this application. The users also enjoy cloud storage just like Adobe Bridge and the best part is, the images are saved in original quality and can be shared easily, all in a few clicks. 


So these were some of the photo organizing apps that I wanted to share with you. These apps will help you get rid of excessive and unnecessary files freeing up your storage space and giving you a peace of mind. 

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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