There are a lot of old details, erroneous details, and myths surrounding specific PC photo editing details. In addition, people build and own machines for more than one purpose.

In this challenging guide to the best video editing PC. I will stick to the photo editing and will install the machine to be compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC.

How To Build Your Own Photo & Video Editing PC Guide 2020

Technology is moving fast, so I’ll narrow down the references to certain sections and take you quickly with the most important look of the image editing structure supported by Adobe software value.

This machine is very special. Designed to browse the internet, office documents, accounting, bright video editing, and its raison d’etre – photo editing and reviewing.

The special reason is that it is designed to be thinner and more functional instead of adding more game-related games or other apps. Don’t hurt me, it will pass all good but the purpose is clear.

Software For Photo Editing PC

Before defining this machine we need to talk about software that will work. This:

  • Windows 10 Professional 64bit Application
  • Photo Mechanic
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

The reason I put the software right there in the beginning is that it directly affects program decisions and selection. You see, Hardware used on PCs is usually designed for game production. Game software has the highest level of development available. It also puts some amazing loads on Graphics engines, Central processing Units and Memory.

Why Build Your PC Photo-Video Editing PC

one cell (and most importantly), is cheaper than buying a stock PC – and especially a mac. A Mac with the same built-in features like my computer is a double cost. Yes, I know – iOS is easy to use, and long-term mac users are comfortable with it. But Windows isn’t really that scary or complicated – especially the new operating system.

And it is a good investment for future proof. If a part has expired, simply return it. There is no need to flush the baby with the bathwater. It’s at an all-time high, so you can install pieces of obsolete locations as you continue until you have all the full Themes submissions in your hands. And, next time, when you can have more room in the budget for better parts, you can just put them in one place at a time instead of making a flooding investment every three to five years.

And (at least for me) it’s just lovely. Learning how your computer works and how it works while the building will help you a lot in the future when you run into problems and want to fix them. It’s like learning to repair your car – it will save you money in the long run. You don’t have to worry about building your PC – it’s almost like collecting an expensive label set. There is nothing to create or encrypt to make it work.

What I Need This PC Over

I do a lot of photos & video editing on my PC. My two older Macbook Pro from 2011 (my main program until this week) did well enough for my photo editing needs, but when it came to video, I didn’t cut it. My Macbook Pro was upgraded to a 256GB SSD, with a 16GB ram, but it would still take 40+ minutes to deliver 5-10 minute videos. Longer way than acceptable for my needs.

I needed a program that would scream on both sides of the photo editing side, as well as the video editing side. I looked at where I used PC kits, stock computers, and advanced programs, but I found that in the budget I had, my best option was to build my own machine. So, I sold the Macbook and with the money I earned, I was able to buy all the parts I needed to finish building my custom PC.


Currently, Lightroom works fast with AMD CPUs. They have a lead when they output and preview the performance of the operating system. Intel 9th ​​Gen processors tend to accelerate in dynamic images and switch modules.

While AMD works better right now, the new generation Intel chips can fix the problem.

In addition, step-by-step shifts in performance only occur on high-end AMD chips – AMD TR 3960X 24 Core, 3990X 64 Core, 3970X 32 Core, 3950X 16 Core and 3900X 12 Core.

Finding CPU- 

So our first task is to get the basic CPU +/8 calculator running at the highest frequency. We can even customize it more often at higher frequencies to get better results.

Remember we want to value and performance, not the speed out and out.

So, for our purposes, as value consumers, these are competing for the importance of CPU image editing by 2020. Listed below in price order (top to bottom) and out-of-the-box (high to low).

  • AMD Ryzen 3800X 8 Core – £465
  • Intel i9-9700K 8 Core – £440
  • Intel i5-9400F 6 Core –  £194

Of these, the 5-9400F is the best option because it claims respect for the Lightroom price by half the price.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is another highly accessible place by playing. It is a compound that is often overused. It is thought that the highest frequency memory modules are the most common are Lightroom or Photoshop. Tests show that this is not true.


We have more myths! Graphics which image editing is all right? Apparently this is a myth. Graphics will help pull off a lot of high-resolution displays but it is not a big bonus otherwise. It’s easy to make a hoodwinked think that spending £3,000 + on a graphics card (GPU) is necessary! With Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC, you can save money.

There is an argument that dedicated graphics can help with some of the tasks your computer does so a cheap GPU is all you need to consider.

Hard Drives:

Let’s look at another area where it’s easy to add and burn. Hard driving. Need a solid fast drive? They make a big difference in performance and they are the traditional bottle, everyone knows that…

Apparently this is another myth when it comes to Cloudroom performance. In fact, when reviewing tests even older machine drivers are very similar to the new robust M2 state-of-the-art import, export and view development module. These M2 drivers are 25 times faster for literacy and yet make no difference to these Lightroom activities!

I definitely recommend Solid State Drive (SSD) for the operating system and system blur but you don’t need a big one and you don’t need to handle Lightroom and Photoshop in it. Indeed, the App only starts in it and stays in memory, so it doesn’t matter much to that.

Other Components:

I don’t want to overdo other parts, Case, Power Supply, CPU Cooler and monitor. You just need to buy the best solid options. Try not to get too involved here, even though it is always tempting.

The case should be big enough to grow with new things. Get it right and it can always build you up two or three times. It’s the same with Empowerment, get one with a decent wattage (550Watts plus) to take care of growing needs in the future and run your system efficiently and efficiently. The negative power supply that can deal with many risks.

The conclusion:

Some simple ways to look at it when preparing your plan. Obviously, you do not always need to build your own. Just look for your shelf PCs that meet most of the criteria. Most of the time you can choose from when you buy them online.
The best places to do this in the United Kingdom are Arbico Computer Ltd custom-built PC Specialist – you can choose a basic PC and customize it.

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