With regards to points and miles, the points coming from cashback are an immensely valuable choice. Anytime one earns above 1 unlimited rewards point per dollar expenditure; they are doing well. These increased earnings in the past could be done exclusively in specific bonus categories that differed resting on the card one was using. With the commencement of unlimited cards, things have changed for the better. Within a brief time, this succeeded in turning into a powerhouse within the world of points-earning.

7 best reasons why cashback credit card must be in everyone’s wallet

Why is it a must-have?

Take a look at the top 7 reasons why the Chase Freedom Unlimited card must be in everyone’s wallet. 

  • Exciting Cashback of 1.5% on Every Purchase- No special portal for buying things, no categories to consider, and every purchase is eligible. Each time the user swipes his/her card, they can avail exciting cashback of 1.5%, and it is that simple. The best part is the cashback will not expire till one holds the card, which means they can continue earning till they are all set to redeem. Besides, the cashback which they earn will get stored as points; here, every point is equal to a penny. 

Simply put, it can be said that the card helps the user earn 1.5 points in every dollar spent or it is card which offers an earning structure of 1.5x point. But this cashback has some regular exclusion such as wagers, cash-like transactions, gift cards, cash advances, and others. You can get the exclusion details in the card’s terms and conditions.

  • Upgrade the Cashback- As there is no annual fee associated with this card, the reward points that one earns in the form of cashback happens to have some restrictions. Remember, the card will not give everything for free. It means these points cannot directly get transferred to hotel or airline programs. Transferring the points indeed is the finest means of getting their utmost value, this will be an ultimate hit to one’s earned points. It luckily offers a method of turning the restricted points of the ultimate rewards that one earns through this card into an unrestricted, full-fledged Ultimate Rewards points. 

One just needs to have a premium ultimate reward card. Here the options are unlimited, including the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, Ink Business Preferred Credit Card, and Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. So, if one has any of these along with their Chase Freedom Unlimited card, they are free to transfer their points between accounts. It indicates that one can send their points that are restricted to any of the unrestricted accounts, thereby making the points valuable automatically.

  • No Annual Fee- The icing on the cake is that the card has no annual fee. Remember, this is not limited to only the introductory offer during the first year. In short, it is a sans annual fee ever till one holds the card. There cannot be anything better than having a card that helps to earn points sans any yearly fee.
  • Maximize Hotel and Airline Transfers-As the points earned are unrestricted, you can redeem it by transferring to hotels and airlines. It is here where high-value redemptions help. By doing so, one can quickly get redemption opportunities where their points are worth 10. 8, or 5 cents each and at times even higher. If you have earned them at 1.5x, then the return on their spending will be higher. To earn with higher multipliers and redeeming for high values means one is getting the utmost out of their spending and their points. It can be through the right merge of two cards- Chase Freedom Unlimited and Ultimate Reward card and also retail pay org 
  • Sign-up Bonus- For this card, the present sign-up offer is a $150 bonus post investing $500 on purchases during the initial 90 days. 
  • Purchase Benefits- When one learns that their card will aid them if there is any problem with a purchase they make, they can get a certain comfort. The card offers that comfort level thereby making it an ideal choice and enabling one to earn 1.5x on their essential purchases. Goods purchased through this card come with a safeguard against damage or theft for 4 months after their purchase. The coverage will be restricted to $500 every claim and $50,000 as a whole per account. In the case of small electronic goods getting snatched from the pocket unexpectedly, it will surely work wonders.
  • Extended Warranty- There is no need to buy an extended warranty as this is accessible for free from a credit card. All one needs to do is put the complete purchase on the card, and they will receive a 1-year extension automatically for the item’s manufacturer’s warranty that they are purchasing. For qualifying, the item should have a warranty from the manufacturer, and the warranty’s original term should be 3 years or below.

The bottom line is, this card is among the best for daily points-earning cards available in the market. As there is no annual fee, indeed, it is challenging to argue why one will not have it in their wallet. It will cost one nothing in earning 1.5x on all their regular spending. Unfortunately, though, there may be a reason why one may not have it, that is the rule that applies to this card, the 5/24 rule. It indicates that you require having less than 5 credit card accounts that are new within the last 2 years for being eligible for the card to get approved.

If you meet the criteria, and somehow own the unlimited card, to add this to their credit card portfolio surely will be an excellent idea. Merging this with a premium ultimate rewards card will be even better. It will help in unlocking high redemption values for that 1.5x points, which they are earning. Investing in this combo is a win-win affair. This way, one can increase their earnings, see the full potential of where exactly their points will take them, and also redeem points for utmost value.

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