Given the strong mental pressure that college students experience, starting a hobby is a great way to unwind after classes, relax and gain new skills. The hobby can serve as an outlet for your passion, a way to develop your body and mind and broaden your horizons. If you’re not sure what hobby will suit you, take a look at these 9 hobbies popular among college students.

Hobbies for College Students

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The best hobbies for college students

Sports and exercise

Intramural sports are a popular hobby for many students who want to stay active, have the competitive spirit and are looking to make new friends. Choose football, baseball or other team sport that appeals to you. If team sports are not your cup of tea, consider the other types of physical activity – yoga, fitness, cycling, running, etc. All in all, even walking at least 30 minutes a day counts as exercise. Any physical activity improves your memory and has a positive effect on health.


The video gaming industry offers a great selection of games for any age and taste. From action and strategy to adventure to sports games, you can choose the game you like and use it to unwind after stressful periods of study. This type of hobby is relatively easy to start – all you need is a laptop, an affordable console or even a smartphone.


Reading as a hobby might seem boring at first glance, moreover, you probably feel tired of reading textbooks required for completing your academic assignment. Yet, reading a novel or a book of short stories is a completely different experience that enriches your imagination and helps you unwind productively. You can visit the local library or download a reading app, whatever appeals to you more.


Volunteering and community services are probably the most rewarding hobbies you can start. It lets you meet new people and brings fulfillment as you help others and do something good for them. Popular examples of community service hobbies include working in animal shelters, food banks, and collecting donations. Moreover, volunteering experience will look great on your resume when you start looking for a job.


Despite the common misconception, you don’t need a lot of money to start traveling. You can explore the national park nearby, drive to the neighboring state over the weekend, or even travel to a few local museums. Visit new places, broaden your horizons and meet new people, whether you travel alone or with friends – all this will expand your traveling experience.


Sharing your life experiences or knowledge with others can be extremely fun. The internet offers plenty of opportunities for that. You can start a text blog, a bright Instagram account or TikTok vlog. The topics you might want to blog on can vary, but the number one tip is to remain genuine and offer your visitors something unique. Moreover, this hobby can be turned into a source of income if you offer quality content.


Although many students prefer grabbing ready meals, don’t overlook cooking as a hobby. You can create original meals and snacks for yourself or treat your friends with your creative masterpieces. Homemade meals are usually healthier than those you buy from restaurants. And, more importantly, cooking at home will save you money as it’s a lot cheaper than eating out.


Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to stay fit, exercise and express yourself at the same time. It can help relieve the stress from studying, moreover, you’ll learn to move gracefully to the rhythm of your favorite music. Choose between jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, or other types of dance and search for a local dance studio. You can attend dancing classes with friends or make the new ones in the process of study.


With a trend for a healthy, active lifestyle, camping is an excellent hobby. Firstly, you can explore the great wild location and see beautiful places. Secondly, you’ll learn new skills such as setting up a tent, cooking on fire and orientation. And finally, you’ll explore the wildlife experience sitting around the campfire in the night and make new friends who share your interests.

How to make time for a hobby?

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