There are a host of movie downloading apps that allows you to download movies and watch it at your own leisure. In addition there are various apps in the market that goes on support various formats. Let us now flip through the list of these apps.

Most Popular Movie Downloading Apps Online

AVD download
For downloading your favourite videos this is a popular app. From the regular browser a link is provided that enables you to download the videos with relative ease. Just you need to select from the action menu, select downloader and the process of downloading is about to start off on an immediate basis. In the notification bar you are expected to see the downloaded videos. In fact they are stored on your download directory.

All video downloader
This is a fast and reliable video downloader app from the internet. You can go on to download any type of files be it photos, music or book straight on to your phone. Once you are able to download the files you are able to watch them without the need of an internet connection. It does go on to support all types of video formats. The downloaded files will be organized in an automatic manner as you can zero in on them from the search options. If you are on a page that you are looking to download you can tap on the download option that is located on the top right side of the bar.

For downloading movies on your Android phone this app is a sought out one. Be it the hottest videos or shows you can watch them at your own convenience. Even these videos can be shared with your friends and even it is possible to watch them on any device. The premium version of this app allows you to download videos, though once again it is going to depend upon the location you reside.

This is one of the popular apps for subscription to premium shows and movies. There are a lot of premium features as with the version of this app you can download the videos. For an Android user you can save these videos automatically on to your mobile phone. For all those who have a valid subscription they can take advantage of this app.

A point to consider is that this app is not going to allow you to download all movies that are part of their collection. For certain titles only this feature is available. For videos to be downloaded there is an icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Vidmate apk download has gone on to evoke a lot of interest in the last few years. When you are downloading from an individual site the server is bound to face up to certain limitations. Sometimes the performance might be great whereas in other cases this is not going to be the situation. With the use of this app all the issues of downloading and buffering are taken care of. No wonders it is one of the popular movie downloading apps.

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