VPS known as Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine used as a server for hosting website by an internet hosting service provider. VPS runs on its own operating system, however, users are provided with super access by using which they can install any supportive software.

How To Buy VPS hosting at Lowest Price?

The working concept of the VPS hosting fully based on the virtualization technology. Based on it the virtual layers created on the physical server. The virtual layers create virtual compartments in which sites are hosted. The presence of Virtual layers helps to separate compartments from colliding. Owing to that, files or documents of multiple websites hosted on the same VPS server won’t mingle.

Why Webmasters Prefer VPS Webhosting? 

VPS hosting is so popular among the webmasters all around the globe since it provides similar kind of features offered by the dedicated server for affordable rates. In addition to that, there are few more vital benefits offered by VPS hosting which are listed below.

  • Stability: Sites hosted in VPS will not affect even if they get high traffic or utilized by a large number of visitors at a time.
  • Performance: Sites can enjoy accessing server resources upon the allocation of hosting plan so, it will load faster than other sites hosted in other than VPS
  • Customization: VPS hosting offers easy customization option for the webmasters and they can pay for what they use.
  • Unlimited Resources: All VPS hosting plans of eWebGuru offers unlimited resources when it comes to accessing disk space, CPU and RAM.
  • Flexible and Scalable: VPS hosting allows webmasters freedom of picking OS for hosting sites and it allows webmasters to increase the hosting configuration option at ease.
  • Customer Support: When it comes to VPS hosting, their webmasters or site owners can enjoy high-tech customer support services.

VPS Hosting plans of eWebGuru

eWebGuru is one among the leading and oldest VPS Hosting provider in India. eWebGuru offers both Windows-based VPS and LINUX VPS.

  • The Windows-based VPS hosting comes with a fully managed version and it features with Windows 2012.
  • The LINUX VPS server of eWebGuru powered by SolusVM, SSD Disk, Tier 4 Datacenter, variety of VPS panel features, Linux Distros and so.

Plans offered by eWebGuru under both VPS hosting types are similar in cost-wise and they are listed below

  • Startup VPS – Rs. 700/Month (3 years)
  • Basic VPS – Rs. 1100/Month (3 years)
  • Value VPS – Rs. 1500/Month (3 years)
  • Premium VPS – Rs. 1900/Month (3 years)
  • Power VPS – Rs. 2400/Month (3 years)
  • Extreme VPS – Rs. 2900/Month (3 years)
  • Ultimate VPS – Rs. 3500/Month (3 years)

If you are planning to buy the cheapest VPS hosting plans from eWebGuru, then you should prefer choosing the Startup VPS hosting plan. When compared with all other host provider’s starting plan of VPS hosting, the Startup VPS plan offered by the eWebGuru is the cheapest and it includes significant features along with accessing certain unlimited server resources.

Cheapest VPS Hosting Plan from eWebGuru?

Are you one among those businesspeople who often prefers affordable and cheap web services without compromising any quality? Then consider selecting the STARTUP VPS hosting plan from eWebGuru.

Just like all other VPS hosting plans in Windows or LINUX, STARTUP VPS hosting plan in both Windows and LINUX type hosing includes all features but certain features come with certain restrictions. The STARTUP VPS hosting plans of Windows or LINUX can be availed for 36 months at the rate of Rs. 700, which is low in the hosting industry.

However, if you wish to buy the same VPS hosting plans of Windows or LINUS for 12 months for Rs. 1000, and for 1 month Rs. 1,200 INR. This customized billing cycle can be very useful for the webmasters who will scale the server resources upon the site’s performance in the future.

Features of WINDOWS STARTUP VPS Hosting Plan of eWebGuru

  • SolusVM Panel
  • Webmasters can make use of Windows 2008, 2012, and 2016
  • It allows to Install any hosting control panel
  • Can install any application
  • Full RDP access
  • Hyper-V Virtualization / Xen Virtualization
  • Free Klozo panel, Free Virtualmin panel

Features of LINUX STARTUP VPS Hosting Plan of eWebGuru

  • Dedicated RAM 2GB
  • Burstable RAM 4GB
  • Core 2
  • IPv4 1
  • Disk Space 40GB
  • Bandwidth/mo Unmetered
  • Control Panel Free
  • Server Config Dual Octa Core
  • Server RAM 256GB
  • SSL Free
  • Varnish Server Included
  • Spamassassin Included
  • CSS/JS optimizer Inbuilt
  • Realtime Malware Scan Included
  • IPv6 Support Included

Benefits & Features of eWebguru’s VPS hosting

  1. eWebGuru’s VPS hosting powered by SolusVM.
  2. Webmasters can enjoy hosting their sites in Tier 4 Datacenter by choosing VPS hosting at eWebGuru.
  3. Webmasters can host unlimited domains, can use unlimited database along with free migration service on choosing any of the VPS hosting plans of eWebGuru.
  4. eWebGuru understands clients required and designed their hosting plans accordingly.
  5. With eWebGuru web hosting service, webmasters can host all type of websites. All hosting plans of eWebGuru come with advanced tech specs and 24/7 customer support.
  6. Webmasters can avail a wide range of web-oriented programming support from the expert techies of eWebGuru.
  7. Webmasters can host e-commerce sites, blogs, financial sites; CMS based sites, video sites, and so without any hassle since their server suits to host all types of sites with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  8. eWebGuru has superior hardware in the hosting industry that ensures high durability, with such high-quality hardware they guarantee 100% reliability.
  9. eWebGuru delivers the best in web hosting service since 2007, owing to that it gained a high reputation. Right now eWebGuru offers a web hosting solution for more than 1, 50,000 websites. 
  10. eWebGuru matches with the growing digital world and it has been in the vogue for more than 15 years in the web hosting industry. Because of that, webmasters can enjoy hosting their sites on future proof web hosting service provider. 

Bottom Line

Although one can find a lot of web hosting service providers offering VPS hosting, nothing can match with the trustworthy services offered by the eWebGuru. The highly experienced team of web professionals at eWebGuru will helps site owners or webmasters to optimize the sites according to the VPS and offers tremendous customer care support.

When comparing the VPS hosting plans based on cost and service quality, eWebGuru beats all other service providers in India. Having the STARTUP VPS hosting plan for just Rs. 700 per month along with attractive features and server resources, eWebGuru’s STARTUP VPS hosting is the cheapest in the market.


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