The amalgamation of business strategies with advanced technologies is supporting in reducing the sales cost with enhanced ROI. These days’ vendors, especially in B2B with the help of the product configurator, are trying to courage the customer to partake while shopping. It is observed that products are just too complicated to promote in the eCommerce industry. Product configuration makes sense for businesses in the manufacturing as well as in many segments of the industry.

 Utilizing the most advanced technologies is like unity app development is offering business benefits that are also enhancing the user experience. Technologies like AR and VR are playing an important role in transforming the process of configuration of the product with the product configurator. 

About Product Configurator

A Product Configurator is an add-on for businesses where a company deals and sells products through a catalog. This is helpful for the buyers after getting the numerous options available to choose the product best fulfilling their needs. 

  • Quality self-service is an admirable goal for both any business. With the product, configurator helps potential buyers and increase your business efficiency. There is much business utilizing the 
  • Product Configurators into CRM systems specifically to support their services. Here are some benefits offered by the product configurator. 
  • Helps to reduce the cost of sales by quoting the sale process faster with committing a few mistakes
  • It is easy to train the less experienced staff to sell the product using a product configurator.
  • Product configurators generate 2D and 3D content to offer the best user experience.
  • Enhance the product visualization thereby enhancing the0020user’s engagement. 

Types of product configurators

  • Web-based product configurator
  • Mobile product configurator
  • VR product configurator
  • AR product configurator

Reasons Product Configuration Is Good For your Business

The product configurator allows your customers to list the exact specifications they’re looking for in a product. They can submit their order after getting a quote to build a custom product for manufacture. This indirectly encourages the customer to participate in self-service. Product configurators are the solution for B2B vendors to make their complex products more appealing and attractive in the market. Sales and marketing can utilize this to make more benefits and sell the product effectively.

Simplify Complex Products Sell

Product configurator offers a much more convenient way to sell products that are just too complex to be handled. For the eCommerce industry, there is a vast product catalog having a different variation. It is noticed that products especially in the B2B realm, have many features, options, and calculations. Using product configurator the complex products to be pieced together by the customers themselves for a better understanding.

Saves Enormous Effort

After the customer submits an order for a quote, it becomes an immediate lead to reply instantly for any B2B company. A product configurator helps the customer to know exactly what they want. This directly saves an enormous amount of effort for your sales department. With the online self-service process integrated with the product configurator take care of more critical issues while helping customers. Configuration options allow the sales team to concentrate their best efforts on the customers who have an idea about their requirements.

Boost Customer Self-Service

Product configuration helps to reduce the time used for order entry, corrections, and processing. This offers the materials from your entire inventory, upfront to your customer. Thus, product configuration gives you the flexibility of custom products. Sector such eCommerce use product configurator that is programmed to eliminate product combinations that simply don’t work. Offering self-services helps to boost the user experience.  

Offer Great Marketing

The advanced technologies are helping marketers to offer great services. The automobile sector is using the VR product configurator to bring out the creative spirit in the customer. The customer can artistically configure a product, such as a car, that they want to share their creation on social media. A product configurator is helpful in maintaining interest among the customers. Once a customer configures a product that can be easily manufactured easily.

Final thoughts 

A product configurator is a revolutionary approach to the whole product configuration industry. It is leveraging the power of advanced technologies for better visualization of the product with VR devices. Devices such as the Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive are used to configure a product in a Fully-computerized virtual environment. Currently, in the market, there is a trend of utilizing Product configurator in various segments. Hiring unity developer for the development of the product configurator is beneficial for the business for the future prospect. This is the best way to lead the market where competition is on pace.

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