It is essential to improve your car’s mileage as the gas prices always remain high. By stretching the capacity of the gas tank further, you can decrease the monthly fill-ups for your vehicle. It will help you to maintain your budget. 

It is especially vital for those people who purchased vehicles that are non-efficient when the gas was cheaper. If you want to buy car in Brisbane or any other city, you should follow these tips to improve and maintain its mileage. 

Below are some essential tips to improve your car’s mileage:

Reduce excessive weight

If you own a front-wheel-drive vehicle and for getting a good grip, then there should be no extra weight on the rear axles. This excess weight can reduce the mileage of your car. Excessive pressure can increase the load on the vehicle’s engine, and it has to work little more to move your vehicle. You can increase your mileage up to one mile or two per gallon if your carload is lightened. 

Properly inflate your tires

Properly inflate your tires

When the tires of your vehicle look low, you should raise them, as they can significantly reduce your car’s mileage. Your car engine will consume more gas to move the car in the case of under-inflated tires. 

Always make sure that your tires are set to the absolute pressure, as mentioned in your owner’s manual. It will provide you a perfect balance between traction and gas mileage. If your tire contains 10 Psi less pressure, then it will cost you 5 miles more per gallon. 

Timely replace your Spark Plugs and Air Filters.

Timely replace your Spark Plugs and Air Filters

If you replace your vehicle’s Spark Plugs and Air filters on every service or checkup, it will improve the condition of your car engine, and become more efficient and last longer. Most of the car services and checkups will cost you less than $50 if you know how to service your vehicle. 

Always use recommended engine oil.

Always use recommended engine oil

It won’t help if you are using different brand’s motor oil for your vehicle. There are engine oils specially designed to work best with a particular type. Using the more massive kind of fuel than the recommended one will burn more fuel, make the engine work harder, and will create too much friction. Always consider your owner’s manual to see which product is best for your vehicle.

Check the seal of your gas cap

 As your vehicle gets old, the seal of rubber over your gas cap starts to break down, creating a leakage in the gas tank and allowing the oxygen to enter the tank. It results in an overabundance, and the air starts to pull out the gasoline as soon as itt enters the tank. This will ultimately result in the burning of more engine fuel.  

It is a simple procedure to replace the gas cap for most of the cars. And performing it in every few years will provide your gas cap a perfectly tight seal. It will cost you around $20 to $30 to purchase a new gas cap from any service station or your dealership. 

Final Words

These are some tips to improve the gas mileage of your car. The most essential tips to maintain your mileage is to get your car serviced regularly. The guys who service your car in the company’s service station are professionals and check many things that owners don’t know about. Following these tips can help you to maintain the mileage of your car over the years.

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