An overwhelming proportion of parents would leave no stone unturned to keep their children away from video games because they were fed with misinformation regarding gaming. It is mainly because of the negative perception associated with video games.

The perception that people have about video games is that it has harmful effects on the minds of children and that they waste their time by playing games. Modern researches have time and again refuted these claims and outlined that games have a positive impact on children too.

7 Online Platforms That Made Game-Based Learning More Fun

However, the perception of video games is now changing. The current generation of grownups has a different perspective on games. In light of several elaborate studies, it has been concluded that gaming is a healthy activity for the human mind.

They have far-reaching cognitive benefits, such as turning you into a better decision-maker or enhancing your problem-solving skills.

Moreover, a new genre of video games called ‘educational games’ also helps kids in their studies. These games have made learning fun for the kids. Several online platforms have emerged that feature these games.

These platforms make sure that kids are never bored while learning new concepts. Some of the best platforms for educational games are mentioned in this blog:

  1. Miniclip 

Miniclip offers a variety of games in almost every genre, including puzzles, action, adventure, and so on.

Another upside of Miniclip is that you can avail of all the games without paying a dime. However, players are asked to remove adblocker before playing certain games.

Once you visit Miniclip, you will fall in love with its interface. It is not cluttered with undistinguishable categories, which is a rarity for a gaming platform.

That said, Miniclip is not entirely free from shortcomings. For example, you might have to keep up with the loading issue while playing battle royale games. As a result, the overall gaming experience could be hampered at times.

Moreover, if you are fond of multiplayer games, Miniclip might slightly fall short of your expectations. All in all, Miniclip features some of the best educational games that will keep your kids interested while they learn about new concepts of science, mathematics, or geography.

  1. airG MiniMe 500c

airG MiniMe 500c is a subscription-based online gaming platform that features educational games and videos for kids. If your little munchkin has just stepped into the gaming world, these games will keep him/her hooked for hours on a stretch.

It features several games in the categories of strategy, adventure, education, etc. The good thing about this platform is that all the games are free of violence, making them safe for kids of all ages.

  1. Mind games

The title pretty much says it all. Mind games will challenge your brain’s capabilities and subsequently boost their productivity in the long run.

It is limited to five categories, including puzzles, math, word, logic, and sudoku. One of the most standout features of mind games is that it comes with a download option. In other words, you can download and play games even when the internet connection is not available.  

The developers have provided a short description of every game write for us. Another factor that has helped to balloon up mind games’ popularity is its remarkable graphics.    

  1. Kongregate 

Kongregate is enriched with thousands of games that are categorized into titles like strategy, sports, puzzles, shooter, multiplayer, action, etc.

If you do not happen to be a hardcore gamer, you would be alien to a majority of these games. In that case, the website will assist you through a video tutorial. A Facebook account is mandatory to sign in for Kongregate because it does not accept Gmail logins. 

Contrary to other free gaming platforms, Kongregate does not annoy gamers with a constant outpour of mid-game advertisements.

  1. GeForce Now

Owing to its versatility, GeForce Now has become a top-rated gaming platform. It is one reason why playing hours are restricted per session here. Until recently, this platform was not very supportive of low-performance desktops and laptops.

But the latest updates have ensured no gamer should settle with mediocre experience regardless of the type of device. To give you a better idea, we are narrowing down some of the characteristics of GeForce: 

  • Any gamer can sign in and play nearly 30 games for free. At the same time, you can upgrade the account and get access to numerous other games.      
  • It enables you to share the highest score with social media friends. 
  • The hardware requirement for GeForce Now is minimal and well within the financial reach of an average player. 
  1. Addicting games 

The website features hundreds of games. From funny to action, from puzzle to zombie, Addicting games do not lag behind the variety despite being a free platform. The icing on the cake being, you do not have to wait for too long to download these games. 

One bad thing about this platform is that the website keeps popping unskippable ads at regular intervals. Besides, a fair proportion of games are without clear guidelines.  

  1. Pogo

Pogo is a seasoned gaming platform. According to stats, about 15 million visitors come to this website every month. Pogo is also regarded as the undisputed king of casual gaming sites. It is home to 80 plus games that include all the popular categories one can probably imagine. 

Pogo distinguishes itself from the rivals by providing a chat feature where players talk to other gamers from different geographical locations of the world. Furthermore, you may pause the game and resume it at any time. That way, you will not have to restart proceedings from scratch every time. 

In all likelihood, unnecessary ads could hinder the overall gaming experience. But you will not have to worry about them as soon as you opt for a paid subscription. 

Final remarks 

All these platforms feature the best educational games that have made learning fun for kids. These games teach new things to kids without letting them get bored. So, let them play these games and see them having all the fun while adding numbers and learning names of the continents.

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