Today it is very important for any healthcare organization or healthcare service provider to build a successful website. The main focus of hospital website design is on developing highly feasible, patient-centred and HIPAA-compliant secured sites. The experience of patients matters because they constantly examine your services against your opponents based on your online presence. In this blog, we are going to discuss the major challenges while planning a healthcare website and their thorough solutions.

PROBLEM 1: Not Planning For A HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Website

SOLUTION: As healthcare websites deal with the exchange of sensitive medical data of the patients, it is very important to keep that data safe. HIPAA sets the standard for securing sensitive health-related data of the patients. If you want your medical practice to function lawfully and successfully than you must plan to develop a HIPAA compliant healthcare website desining. Carefully consider that HIPAA is integral at every phase of the development lifecycle of your medical website.

Keep the unique regulatory practices in-place to ensure HIPAA compliance whenever patient interaction takes place through your site. This will help you in winning the trust of the users because your site will ensure safe exchange of the clinical details of the patients.

PROBLEM 2: Not Designing Quality Content & Responsive Healthcare Web Design

SOLUTION: If you will not properly strategise about the content you are going to incorporate in your website then you will end up developing a site which is poorly ranked on the search engines. It is incredibly significant to target the correct keywords and use them in the content of the website in such a way that search engine algorithms find it unique and useful.

You should always hire an expert healthcare website developer and plan to build a responsive website which users can access through any device. Your website should be operatable on both desktops and mobiles. The websites which are optimized for mobile viewing are likely to be ranked higher by the search engines.

PROBLEM 3: Not Planning For Constant Analysis Of Your Healthcare Website

SOLUTION: If you are thinking that building a healthcare website is a one time task and after it is built you are not supposed to work on it for a long time than you are totally wrong. It will make your website static and you will lose your users. You should always plan to do constant analytics, maintenance and testing of your site.

While you are planning to build your healthcare website than only strategize to integrate with Google analytics in future which will let you examine detailed reports on your site traffic. It will give you insights on how to enhance the comprehensive performance of your healthcare website.

PROBLEM 4: Not Planning To Build A Patient Engaging Healthcare Website


For any website, it is essential to engage and retain users. You should always plan to develop a healthcare website providing more interactive health experience to the patients. You should plan to include reliable medical information on your site in order to educate and aware the patients. This will make your site much more interesting.

Leverage the idea of providing links to your social media profiles and plan to post articles and blogs regularly. These article and blogs can be easily shared by the patients and they will feel more connected to your site.

Always discuss the above prospective pitfalls with the healthcare software development company which you are going to hire to build your website and plan your healthcare website wisely. Formulate a policy to include industry-specific regulations in your website and follow the best practices. This procedure could be time taking but it will help you in building a productive healthcare website for your patients.

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