Weddings in our country are an elaborate affair that may last a few days or even weeks at times; it takes extensive planning and no stone is left unturned when it comes to flattering the families and their guests. We are so used to these luxurious ceremonies that we don’t even require event planners anymore; however, sometimes, many of us miss the mark by only concentrating on all things grand.

How the new designers are changing the wedding invite world?

Wedding card invitations are one of those things that are mostly overlooked and not a lot of attention is paid to its design or aesthetic. Some wedding planners are changing the game by using wedding invitation card as the first tool of impression that personifies luxury, beauty and excellence. Gone are the days of wedding cards being printed on a coated paper with roman/italic fonts displaying the bride and groom’s names. Nowadays, the wedding card design has become sophisticated and authentic according to each newlywed couple, who are looking for these sleek designers to glorify their invitations also.

There are certain artists, famous for designing invitations for many A-list celebs’ weddings and spearheading the bespoke traditional fancy invitations. Many of these sophisticated invitations are a work of art either combined with a box of chocolates or flowers and an envelope that is usually made out of high quality paper along with eloquent words and imagery.

One may think that these wedding invitations are so extravagant because it’s an expensive taste, but since when did one start budgeting Indian weddings anyway? For any wedding that represents class, this kind of wedding invitation card design is perfect as it blends in minimalistic art with classic ceremonial imagery.

And it doesn’t stop at aesthetic, these invitations can also keep a tab on the number of guests invited and prevent gatecrashers from crashing your wedding, yes, that is right and maybe something too good to be true. It can act as a security card through mobile or swipe technology and only those invited would be allowed in. These kinds of invitations will not only add aesthetic value to one’s wedding but also provide security and safety through their sleek design. Well, next time you’re planning a wedding, you know how to start off with those invitations.

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