To begin any blog with a detailed introduction of Continental tyres would be highly disrespectful to the company. Given its popularity, it’s highly likely that most people know of it.

Germany, as we all know, has a rich history when it comes to producing automobiles or its components. The fact that even cops and ambulances use Mercedes further enforces this fact.

After cars became commonplace in the early 20th century, the tyre manufacturing sector saw an unexpected boom. It was especially because of the introduction of Continental car tyres. And ever since then, the company has never looked back and always strived to go in only one direction – straight to the top.

But, several reasons have catapulted the organisation to the fourth largest producer of tyres in the world.

Here Are Some Reasons For Their Fame:

  • When brands like Volkswagen and Porsche prefer your tyres over others, there has to be a reason. And, that reason is the superior performance that each one of these tyres delivers. Moreover, it is not only these two brands that endorse them. Some other big names like GM, BMW, and Ford also encourage their customers to go for Continental tyres.
    Now you must be wondering what all this boasting is about. The answer to this query would be ‘why not?’ These endorsements prove the legitimacy and legacy that these car tyres have been trying to achieve all these years.
    Let’s look at some more reasons;
  • Many argue that Continental is probably the brand that offers the maximum fuel-efficiency when compared to other tyres.
    Although millions of users agree to this fact, the final verdict remains debatable.
    But, fear not, for one fact is sure- Continental prioritises on making wheels with optimal resistance, a key factor if you want to save fuel.
  • They had sponsorships at a time when there was hardly any such concept.
    You might argue whether these are the only reasons that helped in their rise.
    Well, of course not. No corporate organisations in the present century can thrive unless they show a modicum of social awareness.

Continental’s Commitment to the Environment

Now, many of you must be excited to hear about this, especially when there are talks of global warming.

There is good news for those who are critical of corporates not taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. Continental is an organisation that always has thought about the future generations. All products coming out of their factories are eco-friendly and make sure that your vehicle emits as less pollution as possible.

So, here we have an organisation that has a conscience as well as the competitive spirit of a Usain Bolt. The perfect marriage, one must agree!

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