A close inspection of the Indian automobile industry will reveal that it can be divided into two parts. The first part will be the industry of new cars. The other half is the industry of the used cars. As the name suggests these cars are not brand new ones. They have been used earlier by another user and then have been set up for sale. These cars are also known as second-hand cars. If you have a car that you have used for a while and are still in a good shape, you can sell your car to another owner. This is one of the best ways of employing the used car productively and attains the best returns out of them. The used car market of the country has been getting organized that in turn has made the market trustworthy. The organized sector of the second-hand market is expected to witness a CAGR of 22.79% during the period 2020-25. In FY 2018, the Indian used car market data is registered Rs.1.4 lakh crores sales when the new car market registered Rs. 2.2 lakh crores. 

A market with ample options

Your primary target should be the organized online market of second-hand cars. The market where you can sell used cars is a busy one. This market has a large number of choices and options (which are at times at par and at times more than the market of brand new cars). In fact, a considerable percentage of Indian car buyers are looking to buy such second-hand cars especially the entry level functional cars like Maruti Alto, WagonR, Hyundai i10, etc. Sell your car to only authentic buyers through the organized market where all the documents of both the parties are examined thoroughly. You also get professional assistance to process all documents especially the documents for the change of ownership. 

Let us take a look at some important steps that can help you to sell used cars effectively.

Talk to local mechanics and garages

One of the best ways to sell your used car at a fair market price is through networking with the local garages and mechanics. They often have a plethora of interested buyers looking for second-hand cars.

Sell yourself

If you are selling through real-world platforms, you should conduct the deal by yourself. If there is a middleman the chances of your car price getting hiked are obvious. This can keep interested buyers away.

Sell online

A new trend has begun in recent times where you can sell your car online. There is a flourishing online platform where you can sell used cars. This is a highly convenient and popular forum for selling cars. The entire process brings convenience, comfort, and speed for both the sellers and the buyers.

Give proper details and photographs

If you plan to sell your car online at droom a couple of things must be in place. The photographs, the papers, and columns, etc. must be in place and must be arranged in a proper manner. Try to upload more than one picture of the car. There must be pictures from different angles. Documents that include the original papers, the servicing reports, etc must be present with the current owner.

Attention to details

To sell second hand car at fair market prices the seller must pay attention to small details like maintaining a clean and tidy, have realistic expectations, communicate politely, and firmly. Always get your car examined thoroughly before setting it up for sale.

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